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Toram Online Breaker Build

Since new cap was released i choose to share my new build. I still using some outdated equip.but I think it works very well to me. Songs: Egzod & Neoni - T. The chance of inflicting Dizzy increases by 2.5% for each level of Meteor Breaker (Maximum of 25%) When Equipping a One-Handed Sword:.Meteor Breaker gains a bonus 75% chance to inflict Dizzy on its first hit. (100% chance at level 10) When equipping a Two-Handed Sword:.Meteor Breaker gains +200 Power(+2 Skill Multiplier) on its first hit. Toram Online is a free to play Japanese fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices with sandbox gameplay and a skill-based, classless character advancement system. Create a character and build them however you like; you may choose which skills to learn, and which ones to train and advance!

Hello everyone. Here is my personal finishing build for my main dps Katana for lvl160. This is the route i’ve chosen. I will not get too technical about my build. Hope you guys enjoy and make good use of it !


[ Stats ]

Personally to me, i’ve tried both Dex/Str and compared. I loved both of them, with the right set up. You can do great dmg with both. I chose Str because I’m more on the stability then accuracy.

Also there’s a lot of videos on youtube breaking it down to the formula on the difference between Str & Dex.


[ Skill Trees ]


I only max out the Skills i’m mainly using. I know Hasso is a great AOE skill. But i’m only doing Boss runs, not Mobs. Reason why it’s left at 5.

I know some people leave Shukuchi at 1point. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to keep doing close to 10k first strike. ( :point_up: ՞ਊ ՞) :point_up:

As we all know. Impact is a greatly must to have. I left at 5 points, cause i can deal without the instant cast time. 50% tumble chance makes up for the cast time. Plus i’m saving points.

Toram Online Katana Build

Flash blast helps me out with quick mob kills beside always using Hasso. Godspeed is a must and comes in handy with Shukuchi+Tera Speed Pot.

Quick Aura is a replacement if i run out of speed pots.

Yeshyesh i used to have Blade Tree. But personally i find it useless for me using WarCry. Yet it does come in handy, don’t get me wrong. just useless for me.

Star Gem Set

To be honest, this saved me a lot on skill points.

I chose these gems because my armor set are light. Helps really well with evading Bosses red area atks.


[ Armor/Weapon ]

It took me awhile to build my gear and took a lot of farming/spina. I’m really excited to have it completely built.

Why do i have two armor set? Well if you can see, one is Full Critical and the other is Str. FC armor is for running bosses with high defense and when i’m using Gayou Tensei. Str armor is when i’m mainly using Zantei.


[ Combo Set ]

When it’s coming to combos, i rather have them short and powerful. 3-5 skills are perfect for me. I’ve tried those long combos, they’re pretty nice and good. Down fall is, Flinch/knock back/tumbles are your worst enemies. Also it’s fun to play around with the boss before that one shot kill.

Combo Set 1

Mp Cost: 1600. CP: 8. Overall DMG: 500%

This is my High DMG set. But to use this combo to its maximum potential. Combo set 3 is the build up for this set to do over 1.5M DMG. Without the build up, i’m only doing less then 600k. I have a video on explaining how to use the build up and finishing set. Please check it out on my profile.

Combo Set 2

MP Cost: 1100. CP: 4. Overall DMG: 350%

This is my main combo i always use. Quick and powerful. I know Kairiki Ranshin is better use for Garyou. But for me, it gives me a little extra boost on Meikyo when Zantei hits. With this i’m mainly hitting around 800k DMG.

Toram Online Class Guide

Combo Set 3

Toram online on steam

MP Cost: 500. CP: 4. Overall DMG: 290%

Toram Online Pc

This set is just a quick light set. But also a build up set for Garyou Tensei.


Toram Online Character Builds

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Toram Online Breaker Builder

If there’s any advice you can give to be more helpful or would like to give me feed back. Fifa 16 activation key. Please do ! Have a wonderful time, take care! :v: (‘ω’ :v: )