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Testament Of New Devil Sister Season 2 Uncensored

Pre-order The Testament of Sister New Devil - Season One now: a pair of sexy girls, Maria and Mio, come to live with high school s. The Official English sub version of Testament of Sister New Devil Burst season 2 Ep 1:What I Can Do For You. (uncensored) anime playlist and its also in my about section of my channel on bitchute as well. Anime playlist Link: MORE.

Basara has just discovered that his father is remarrying and he’s going to get a little sister or two. They all move into a new house together, but the new wife is nowhere to be seen. Then Basara’s father goes away on business!

The Day I Got a Little Sister

So, Basara finds himself alone with his two new sisters, Mio a fiery redhead who decided to wake him by grinding on top of him, and Maria a rambunctious young girl with a playful nature. It’s odd enough that Basara has never met his new mother, but when his father leaves for business, things take a turn for the worse.

Maria transforms into a demon, more specifically a succubus and throws Basara across the room with a magic attack. She explains that demons and magic are real and that they tricked his father so that they could use the home as their base. First, they need to wipe Basara’s memories and send him to live with relatives. Only it doesn’t work!

Basara reveals that he was a part of the heroes faction and tells them to leave. He’s furious that they would use his father that way. Later, Basara’s father contacts him and explains that he already knew who they were and he took them in for a reason. Now, Basara will have to track them down and bring them home before something bad happens!

Episode Thoughts

This is a pretty standard opening episode. We’re introduced to quite a few characters and at this stage, they are all pretty flat with the exception of Maria who was hilarious. There are a few notable ecchi moments, but nothing to write home about at this stage. When Basara revealed that he was a hero, the story definitely became more interesting. It was fun but failed to live up to the hype that surrounds it. Let’s see what the rest of the season has for us. Expect not safe for workimages beyond this point!

Ecchi Highlights

Accidental Encounter!

Rise and Shine!

Who’s Hungry?



Demons Attack!

Testament sister new devil uncensored ep 1

Happy Family!

Testament of new devil sister season 2 uncensored wcwTestament Of New Devil Sister Season 2 Uncensored

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Courtesy of Crunchyroll, a new episode of 'the Testament of Sister New Devil' is now streaming online for fans outside of Japan. Episode 2 is entitled 'Suspicions Deepening Within Mysteries' and is available to stream without subscription using the links provided below.

Watch 'The Testament of Sister New Devil' Season 2 Episode 2 Here


This week's episode begins with a reminder of how creepy his teacher's concern is. I am bread game.

At school however, this week is the school's Sports Festival. Basara works a sign up booth with a classmate, Tachibana, and is greeted by his childhood friend Kurumi. Kurumi isn't very talkative, and is on her way after saying hello.

Basara is relieved from his booth duty and meets up with Mio and Yuki and they discuss what they will do about potential threats at the school. Kurumi casts some spells to hopefully ward off evil. Meanwhile, Basara, Mio, and Yuki enter the mixed gender 3-legged obstacle course. Some ecchi goodness ensues while they try to pop water balloons.

Turns out Maria is at home fantasizing about the ecchi goodness, and instead the group manages to win the race for their class. Finally, the mysterious magic user shows himself. Basara uses banishing shift while Mio and Yuki try to get all the students to evacuate.

Basara is cornered by what looks to be Tachibana transformed into a vampire. Hasegawa then shows up as he's trying to run away. Hasegawa damages Basara's sword, but she is trapped in Sakasaki's magic circle before she can attack more. He helps Basara escape.

New Testament Devil Burst Uncensored

Sakasaki reveals himself to be a freelance exorcist. He's not sure what Hasegawa is, but she's been manipulating people in the school with magic. Basara then turns his sword on Sakasaki, figuring he is also an enemy, since his father did not warn him about Hasegawa.

Testament Of New Devil Sister Season 2 Uncensored Wcw

Basara is correct. But unfortunately that puts him in severe danger. Also, Sakasaki has kidnapped Kurumi.

With two attacks, it appears that Basara may have met his most deadly opponent.

Fans can also watch 'The Testament of Sister New Devil' season two episode two here.

Testament Of Sister New Devil Dubbed

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