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Tell Them Impossible Lyrics

Shontelle - Impossible - Lyrics I remember years ago Someone told me I should take Caution when it comes to love I did, I did And you were strong and I was n. Tell Them I prepared the package for my friends in the states the dangling earrings woven into half moons black pearls glinting like an eye in a storm of tight spirals the baskets sturdy, also woven brown cowry shells shiny intricate mandalas shaped by calloused fingers Inside the basket a message: Wear these earrings.

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Shontelle Performs In NYC, Announces New Single

Shontelle, known by some as 'the other Bajan singer', took the stage at the gay-friendly GUMBO party held at the 'Canal Room' in Tribeca (NYC) last weekend - There, the 'Impossible' singer caught up with music blog 'MuuMuse' to chat about her latest/future plans. Here's the juicy stuff: 1)…

Shontelle - Say Hello to Goodbye (Music Video!)

Bajan songstress Shontelle premiered on Friday via VEVO the music video for 'Say Hello to Goodbye', the official third single from her latest album 'No Gravity' released in September last year - The Martin Hansen-produced 'Say Hello to Goodbye' has gained radio presence in the last weeks in the US…

Shontelle Performs 'Impossible' in Acoustic (UK) & Usher on America's Got Talent!

Next week Barbados-born singer Shontelle will finally release her sophomore album entitled 'No Gravity'. That's why the Universal Motown recording artist has been in full promotion-mode these last days. Shontelle arrived this week to the UK where she has given lots of interviews to the media and…

Shontelle Performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Shontelle performed live on Jimmy Kimmel via ABC on Friday night. The Bajan singer begins the heavy TV promotion in support of her upcoming album 'No Gravity' which hits shelves on September 21st. Shontelle gave the first televised performance of her newest single 'Perfect Nightmare'. I love the…

Shontelle - Perfect Nightmare (New Song!) (Full)

Check out the full version of Shontelle's new single 'Perfect Nightmare' from her upcoming sophomore album 'No Gravity' in stores on September 24th. The Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins-produced track is the Bajan star's choice to be the follow-up to her smash hit 'Impossible'. I'm loving it! I mean…

Shontelle - No Gravity (New Song!)

Here's the official version of the song 'No Gravity' by Shontelle. A demo of this track leaked back in March but the Barbados native confirmed via her Twitter account that it was not her singing on it. So we've had to wait until today to listen to the final version of the title track from…

Shontelle - Love Shop (New Song!)

Listen to this new Shontelle song entitled 'Love Shop', produced by Rock City. Apparently, the Bajan songstress gave American radio 96-5 KISS FM permission to premiere this song earlier this week. It's a nice dance-pop tune but nothing wow really. Many Shontelle fans were worried about the…

Shontelle - Impossible (Music Video!)

Here's the premiere Bajan singer Shontelle's music video for 'Impossible'. This is the new single from artist's upcoming album 'No Gravity' (out April 6). Shontelle is one beautiful lady. She looks absolutely stunning in this video and I'm quite liking the song. However, keeping it honest, she has…

Tell Them

I prepared the package

for my friends in the states

the dangling earrings woven

into half moons black pearls glinting

like an eye in a storm of tight spirals

the baskets

sturdy, also woven

brown cowry shells shiny

intricate mandalas

shaped by calloused fingers

Inside the basket


a message:

Wear these earrings

to parties

Tell Them Impossible Lyrics

to your classes and meetings

to the grocery store, the corner store

and while riding the bus

Store jewelry, incense, copper coins

and curling letters like this one

in this basket

and when others ask you

where you got this

you tell them

they’re from the Marshall Islands

show them where it is on a map

tell them we are a proud people

toasted dark brown as the carved ribs

of a tree stump

tell them we are descendents

of the finest navigators in the world

tell them our islands were dropped

from a basket

carried by a giant

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tell them we are the hollow hulls

of canoes as fast as the wind

slicing through the pacific sea

we are wood shavings

and drying pandanus leaves

and sticky bwiros at kemems

tell them we are sweet harmonies

of grandmothers mothers aunties and sisters

songs late into night

tell them we are whispered prayers

the breath of God

a crown of fushia flowers encircling

aunty mary’s white sea foam hair

tell them we are styrofoam cups of koolaid red

waiting patiently for the ilomij

tell them we are papaya golden sunsets bleeding

into a glittering open sea

we are skies uncluttered

majestic in their sweeping landscape

we are the ocean

terrifying and regal in its power

tell them we are dusty rubber slippers



from concrete doorsteps

we are the ripped seams

and the broken door handles of taxis

we are sweaty hands shaking another sweaty hand in heat

tell them

Never Can Tell Lyrics

we are days

and nights hotter

than anything you can imagine

tell them we are little girls with braids

cartwheeling beneath the rain

we are shards of broken beer bottles

burrowed beneath fine white sand

we are children flinging

like rubber bands

across a road clogged with chugging cars

Tell Them What I Hoped Would Be Impossible Lyrics

tell them

we only have one road

and after all this

tell them about the water

how we have seen it rising

flooding across our cemeteries

gushing over the sea walls

Show And Tell Lyrics

and crashing against our homes

tell them what it’s like

to see the entire ocean__level___with the land

tell them

we are afraid

tell them we don’t know

of the politics

or the science

but tell them we see

what is in our own backyard

tell them that some of us

are old fishermen who believe that God

made us a promise


some of us

are more skeptical of God

but most importantly tell them

we don’t want to leave

we’ve never wanted to leave

and that we

Impossible Lyrics Rihanna

are nothing without our islands.