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Tascam Ixz Garageband

Tascam I XZ works really well Tascam interface for iOS is very easy to use, I am extremely portable. I use with GarageBangebndd On my iPad Pro to just practice along with my iTunes. Could not be happier with it. The Tascam iXZ is only $50 and it has an XLR input as well as guitar input. Obviously it isn't the best thing in the world, but for that price you can't go wrong. It plugs right into the headphone jack of the iPad. Wasn't aware of that product, thanks for the post.

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Love it or hate it, learning how to use the enhance tuning and pitch control features in GarageBand iOS to “auto-tune” your tracks can help you decide if this effect is right for you and your GarageBand projects on iPad and iPhone.

Tascam Ixz Garageband Ipad

Covered in this video:Tascam ixz garageband app
1. What is auto-tune? (pitch control/enhance tuning)
2. Adding the pitch control effect(Vocal presets which include enhance tuning are Lead Vocals, Radio Ready)
3. Adjusting the pitch control settings to enhance tuning
4. Adding pitch control to tracks which don’t use the vocal preset

Tascam Iphone Mic

5. Using auto-tune with other instruments

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Tascam Ixz Garageband App

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Tascam Ixz Ios Interface

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