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Summer Mahjong

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Just select mahjong tiles in identical pairs to remove them from the New Years Mahjong board. Remove all these mahjong tiles to win. Use mahjong flower tiles and mahjon seasonal tiles, pictured below, to select special tiles that can be matched to any of the 4 in their mahjong set. Mc3man trusty media.

Alright, sick of the summer bugs yet? 2 Suit Spider Solitaire is a card game that is welcome at any picnic or summer barbecue. The card game involves two decks of cards AND two suits of cards. This solitaire game is a more advanced version for those who love and have mastered Spider Solitaire. Have a whale of a good time with Whale Summer Mahjong! Take apart the Mahjong Whale by matching like tiles. Each tile match results in the tiles disappearing from the mahjong board. Match all those summer tiles and you win! Home Games Summer Mahjong. Play Summer Mahjong Games Like Summer Played. Match up summer themed tiles. Get the highest score you can. Play one of 10 fun themed layouts. Bee happy with the prettiest spring mahjong on the web! This fun mahjong solitaire original spring layout, Bee Mahjong, is sure to keep you buzzing back for more and buzzing about it to all your friends! Simply click one of the social links above the game to let everyone know about this amazing game!

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Kick off your shoes and head to the beach in this fun summer-themed mahjong game!
Match two mahjong tiles with the same patterns to remove them from the board
You've got only 10 minutes to do so; you'll need to hustle!
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