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Squirrel Jdbc Driver

Squirrel Jdbc Driver

To add the Elasticsearch JDBC driver, use Windows View Drivers menu (or Ctrl+Shift+D shortcut). Select Elasticsearch profile from the Drivers panel on the left-hand side (if it is missing check the SQuirreL SQL version or add a new entry to the list through the ‘+’ button in the upper left corner). Select the Extra Class Path tab and Add the JDBC jar. Download the Drill JDBC driver and use it on all platforms to connect BI tools, such as SQuirreL and Spotfire, to Drill. Drill also includes an embedded, open-source JDBC driver. The downloadable Drill JDBC driver provides read-only access to Drill data sources and supports the security features described in Securing Drill.

You can use the Drill JDBC driver with SQuirreL to connect to Drill and query the data sources configured in Drill.


To use the Drill JDBC Driver with SQuirreL, verify that your system meets the prerequisites and then download and configure the driver. Free studio 6.5 activation key.



Verify that the system meets the following prerequisites:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 7.0 or later, installed on each machine where you plan to use the JDBC driver.
  • Drill installed in distributed mode on one or multiple nodes in a cluster with data sources configured. See Connecting Drill to Data Sources.
  • Verify that the system can resolve the hostnames of the ZooKeeper nodes of the Drill cluster. You can do this by configuring DNS for all of the systems. Alternatively, you can edit the hosts file to include the hostnames and IP addresses of all the ZooKeeper nodes used with the Drill cluster.
    • For Windows, create the entry in the %WINDIR%system32driversetchosts.
    • For Linux and Mac, create the entry in /etc/hosts.

      Example: maprdemo


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Thank you very much for this! Was really handy today.

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Squirrel Jdbc Driver Download

    • Download driver (*.jar file) from Maven Central (
    • Move jar file to Lib folder (In MAC: /Applications/
    • Open Squirrel SQL
    • Check that you see 'Microsoft MSSQL Server JDBC Driver' in the drivers list

You can also use ' jTDS Microsoft SQL' ( as above

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Squirrel Jdbc Driver Class Not Found

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Squirrel Jdbc Driver Handbook

You can also use ' jTDS Microsoft SQL' ( as above

If you using Linux SO, so find locate your setup the squirrelSQL, and mode jar file in Lib Folder

Squirrel Add Jdbc Driver

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