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Snap On Solus Ultra Vs Launch

  1. Diagnostic Tool(s): Modis, Verus Pro, Modis/Solus-Ultra, IQ, EELD500 EVAP Machine Specialty: Diagnostics Support, Snap-on Industrial Division Posts: 1,905.
  2. SOLUS Ultra™ (EESC318) from Snap-on is a new full-function, OEM-specific scan tool that allows professional service technicians to quickly identify the problem and get to the repair. Designed for fast operation, simple connection and complete scanning abilities, the SOLUS Ultra gives technicians the confidence that they won’t miss anything.
  3. I have a verus, solus ultra,launch and a autel maxidas and i will tell you that the launch is the last scanner i will grab. It is dog ass slow and by the time it boots up and loads, i would already be done with any of the other scanners. The autel is relatively cheap (around 2-3000 iirc) and has very good coverage.
  4. Snap-on -VS- Mac -VS- Matco -VS- Pittsburgh Pro (Harbor Freight) - 1/2' Breaker Bars (MADE IN USA) Bleeding the ABS Brake Control Module,On a Chevy Using a Snap On Solus Ultra CONOCIENDO TU ESCANER PARTE #1.
  1. Snap On Solus Ultra Vs Launch Mode
  2. Snap On Solus Ultra Training
  3. Snap On Solus Ultra Vs Launch Cape Canaveral
  4. Snap On Solus Ultra Software

Double-click the desktop icon to launch ShopStream Connect (Figure C-7). Once ShopStream Connect opens; select Tools Update Software SOLUS from the Menu bar (Figure C-10). Figure C-10 Sample Update Software menu When connectivity is established with the Snap-on Web server, a check for updates confirmation message displays (Figure C-11).

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  • I was recently loaned the new Matco Launch made tablet scanner (Maximus 2.0) AND the new Snap-On Solus Ultra.

    I had both for a week and used them on various cars. They are both around $3300.
    The Matco Launch tablet is wireless, and has huge vehicle coverage. It’s not as fast as the Solus Ultra in regards to boot up time. Matco went from dead to ready to scan in 33 seconds, the Solus only took 12 seconds, and has instant response after that. They are both touch screen.

    The Matco tablet is Android based, easy to navigate and comes with a wireless DLC. It has a web browser, and is wifi capable. You can download apps just like your cell phone. Comes with a free one year subscription to updates and like $900 per year after that, like Snap-On. Also comes with a 90 Day free trial of Identifix. I can tap on the trouble code, and it instantly brings me to either an online forum via google that describes that particular cars symptoms and codes, or go right to Idnetifix with the same results.
    It has a built in database for a “how to” on oil reset lights, brake reset, and steering angle sensor resets.
    Future features will be able to register multiple DLC’s that you can leave plugged into your customers cars and access info from them while they drive normally.It also has bi-directional control. At the tap of the power button, it goes into hibernation mode until you want to use it again and then it’s instantly up again.

    The Snap-On is superfast, but that’s all it is. It’s a superfast code scanner. It is bi-directional, but has no gateway to repair info or a browser. It’s keyless, but not wireless. I loved the boot up time. It was ready to scan by the time I walked to the car. I loved that it auto detects and executes your commands instantly.But for the money, the Launch tablet from Matco is far superior.

    I bought the Matco tablet at the end of the week trial. Apparently Launch makes “boxes” you can hook up in line with the tablet that allow you to use it like a scope and battery tester and printer. Did I mention it’s also wireless? lol.

    If I didn’t cover everything or am wrong about something, please feel free to correct me or ask any questions.
    I take the tablet home with me and useit for other stuff too, such as Google hangouts, Slacker Radio and it’s calendar function.If my wife is on the laptop, I can watch my vids and movies on it. The huge screen makes it great for navigation and GPS functions too, I can’t stop talking about it lol.

Snap On Solus Ultra Vs Launch Mode

  • I’d say that Snap-On scanners pay for themselves….but it takes years. I think they are overpriced for what they are even though they are excellent machines. I’ve used the Ethos, Modis, Solus, Vantage Pro, and even tho old brick and I must say they are very very well made…just cost prohibitive. As far as Matco scanners go I cannot say I’ve used one therefore I cannot judge.

    The Matco man told me I could mail in my broken tools. I told him that wasn’t the deal I made in 1979.
    This is my scanner.

    [quote=”Pat61″ post=111941]The Matco man told me I could mail in my broken tools. I told him that wasn’t the deal I made in 1979.
    This is my scanner.
    [/quote] Ah the Ethos… my only problem with the ethos is aside from being overpriced…it aint bidirectional. If I want to run a electronic power balance test or switch a purge solenoid on or off or somethin along those lines, I can’t do that with the ethos :angry:

    The last place I worked had recently purchased a Autel MaxiSYS something something that sounds pretty similar. There were only 2 real deficiencies relative to the much more expensive Snap-On Verus. The data polling tended to be a bit slow and it would miss a signal quickly dropping out and it was lacking some of the 2-way functions you were referring to. It’s a safe bet that Android devices are the way it’s all going. Just don’t put anything on there you don’t need. Also Identifix is super awesome if you’ve never used it before. Well 90% of people who had this problem had a failure in X so I’ll check that first and it includes the factory service manuals like Mitchell. Not quite as pretty but the exact same information.

This is software and equipment to get on with GM cars (2003 Monte Carlo SS, and a 2009 Cadillac STS) for diagnostics and programming.

Snap On Solus Ultra Vs Launch

In order to perform “advanced functions” on GM Vehicles you are going to need something that talks with all the computers on the GM Vehicle.

The ones that I know of that do this are:

1) GM Tech 2 (will handle everything including programming the computers “updating calibrations”) This tool is being phased out but it’s still supported until they can get the MDI fully operational. Either way this works Stand Alone without a Laptop/PC.

2) GM MDI (Some say there are limitations with some model years but others say it’s better since the updates) Of course using Tech2Win to mimic what the GM Tech 2 does) – This performs like a J2534 Programmer as a Pass Thru Device. DrewTech and companies like Ease Diagnostics make J2534 Pass Thru Devices that will do this as well. And they sell their own flavor of Diagnostics Scan Software. Keep in mind only the GM stuff will do EVERYTHING for GM Vehicles.

3) Snap On Solus (This will do a lot not only on GM Vehicles but others as well. Gadgets clock for windows xp desktop. And it can do some of the advanced functions like Automated Brake Bleed on the ABS unit just like the GM Tech 2 and GM MDI) – Keep in mind there are many functions that the Snap On won’t do. The Tech 2 and MDI will allows you the option to access and control everything on GM Vehicles.

There are others but I haven’t seen them nor tested them.

I started out with the Ease Diagnostics J2534 Programmer with the Programming Assistant software and Scan Diagnostics Software.

However I found for programming these devices work great and they are also a good scan tool. However when I needed to Bleed the ABS Pumps on both a Silverado Duramax Dually and a Tahoe I could actuate the Solenoids and the Motor but never was able to activate the GM Automated Brake Bleeding Procedure. You can search this on YouTube to see how it works.


Ultimately I ended up acquiring a GM Tech 2 to go along with my Ease Diagnostics setup.

If you purchase Scanners that are less featured and don’t support Bi-Directional diagnostics you probably will only be able to communicate with the ECU only. In some cases mid-level scanners have access to the ABS system and sometimes also the SRS system (airbag) but won’t allow you to talk with the computers like the BCM (Body Control Module).

Depending on your GM Vehicle it can have as little as 3 computers and up (my wife’s Escalade has 8 computers).

Snap On Solus Ultra Training

Also you have to keep in mind that some of the Newer Vehicles us CAN Communication. In the case of the Tech 2 you have to also have a GM CanDi Module in order to talk withe CAN Bus cars.

I don’t believe the GM Vehicles you mentioned have the CAN Bus but you can look that up.

Snap On Solus Ultra Vs Launch Cape Canaveral

If you decide to go with the Tech 2 it can get confusing especially if you are wanting one that isn’t a Chinese Clone.

The Tech 2 has been manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, Vetronix and Bosch/OTC. Regardless of which one you get they should do the job the same.


Snap On Solus Ultra Software

If you want official updates from GM to update the Tech 2 it will cost you a minimum of $775 per year to update. The good news is the final update for the Tech 2 has already released. If you get a scanner with this version you will never need to update it again.


AcDelco allows you access to the Firmware “Calibrations” for the computers for $55 for unlimited 2 to 3 days access. So regardless of which device that supports programming you get that’s what it will cost if you need to program the computers with the latest calibrations.

Ps. If you are looking for tool that is working well only, you can get a decent one from China, much more cheaper than the dealer. There are many good China clone, esp. Tech 2 scan tools

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