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Shaderlight Plugin

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Shaderlight Limited launched new Shaderlight 2018, the powerful rendering plugin for SketchUp 2018.

  • With Shaderlight and SketchUp, adjust the type of material, the finish, and texture before rendering, and turn shadows on and off for an enhanced concept of the design. Create water textures for pools and water features. Show shadows trees give off and what direction they go in during a.
  • Shaderlight Limited launched new Shaderlight 2018, the powerful rendering plugin for SketchUp 2018. There is a 14-day trial of Shaderlight Pro, with all features validated. After that trial period, it defaults to regular Shaderlight but is still operational.
  • JointPushPull is a modeling plugin that features 6 specific tools for turning your model into a digital gumby. The tools are joint, round, vector, normal, extrude, and follow. I won’t deep dive into what each tool does from a technical standpoint, but rest assured: mastering this plugin.
  • Shaderlight is a plug-in to 3ds Max that enables CG professionals and visualisation specialists to make interactive changes to materials, environments, lights and textures (the MELT elements) on full quality 3D images, without having to re-render.

Shaderlight refers to an interactive rendering plugin for SketchUp with flock of features like user-friendliness, real-world materials and exact lighting results as well as cloud-rendering for animation work that can then be observed through the Shaderlight Cloud Viewer.

Also, Shaderlight integrates with SketchUp as a plugin, so it’s always available while you work and feels natural to use. By simplifying the rendering process, the app gives users more time to focus on improving their images and less time creating lighting effects. Shaderlight adds accurate illumination effects to any 3D model.

There is a 14-day trial of Shaderlight Pro, with all features validated. After that trial period, it defaults to regular Shaderlight but is still operational. Pro features comprise of SketchUp Scene animations, Replace Me Rendering, Replace Me Creation, and various lighting features along with support for IES profiles to allow realistic renders of manufacturers lights.

The pro version also comprises of custom backgrounds and physical sky. Most significantly, images produced with the free version only render to 640?480 resolution, whereas the pro version supports considerable resolution limits.

Shaderlight PluginShaderlight Plugin

New Features in 2018:

Besides, supporting the latest version of SketchUp, it is possible to render soft shadows with IES light profiles. Shaderlight 2018 supports a new translucent material that can be applied for rendering large bodies of water or thick, solid glass objects.

Shaderlight Plugin


Availability and Cost: Shaderlight 2018 in the pro version will cost 299.USD. Upgrades can be done for older versions. It is accessible for both macOS and Windows operating systems. There are also networking licensing options, educational and timed access options.

Link for download

Shaderlight plugin

SketchUp 2020 Support

Shaderlight Ltd, the developers of Shaderlight for SketchUp, the popular rendering plugin for Trimble SketchUp, are pleased to announce the release of Shaderlight 2020. The new release fully supports the release SketchUp 2020, released yesterday.

In addition to SketchUp 2020 support, Shaderlight 2020 (v8.0) now offers a new way to accurately render light emitting objects such as television screens or neon signs.

Light Emitting Material Type

The new material type combines the features of the old Self Illuminating material type and an associated area light and both visibly glows and emits light that illuminates other surfaces, making it much easier to achieve the desired lighting result.

Designed with workflow in mind, the Light Emitting material type has two modes of operation – one that uses the underlying SketchUp material to define the emission colour and another that allows the colour to be specified in terms of correlated colour temperature.

Kate Jackson, Commercial Director at Shaderlight Ltd, said:

“Once again the Shaderlight team have worked hard to provide a seamless transition for users moving to SketchUp 2020 and using Shaderlight as their chosen rendering engine. We are pleased to include a much requested new feature to this release which will make rendering light emitting objects easier and more accurate.” Kate continued, “Light Emitting is intended to replace both Self Illuminating materials and area lights because they produce the most physically accurate results for less effort. The old material type and area lights have been retained so that existing models continue to work and to support particular non-physical effects (such as invisible light sources).”

In addition to this new tool, Shaderlight 2020 has some feature fixes reported by users in earlier versions. These include dialog layout problems in Windows and incomplete exports of models with certain texture types.

Full release notes are available here

Shaderlight 2020 (v8.0) is available to download today and is free to trial for 14 days. Log in to the Toolfarm dashboard and download a trial version on the right side of the page.

Shaderlight Plugin

Get Shaderlight 2020 (v8.0)

  • Shaderlight 2020 (8.0) is available as a free update to users who purchased or upgraded to Shaderlight 2019 on or after January 1st 2020. Please contact [email protected] for more details.
  • Existing users of Shaderlight 2019 or earlier can upgrade here: Shaderlight 2020 Upgrade
  • New Shaderlight users can purchase this latest release from our website.

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