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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) and AMTD Foundation (AMTD) have established a S$6 million MAS-SFA-AMTD FinTech Solidarity Grant to support Singapore-based FinTech companies amid the challenging business climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Grant will help the FinTechs manage their cashflow better, support them in generating new businesses, and provide greater support for FinTechs to pursue growth strategies.

SFA is the grant administrator and will review and assess the applications.

  • Be registered and in operation in Singapore for at least 3 months before grant application
  • Have at least 2 or more core activities in Singapore
  • Be an SFA member with a valid SFA Fintech Certification
  • FinTechs must register and complete their profile on APIX, as well as carry out their POCs with any Financial Institution or Technology company on APIX to be eligible for this grant
  • Only 1 application per POC is allowed per company or Group of related companies.
  • Each Company or Group of related companies is allowed to submit up to 5 BGG applications for 5 different POCs
  • Applicants must use the SFA Jobs Portal to advertise the internship opportunities, but are free to use other advertising channels as well
  • All Qualifying expenses for the application must be related to the POC on APIX.

To foster the continued growth of Singapore-based FinTech companies and help the companies offset their POC costs.

FinTechs must register and complete their profile on APIX, as well as carry out their POCs with any Financial Institution or Technology Company on APIX to be eligible for this grant

1st Application: 70% of qualifying expenses, capped atS$40,000

2nd to 5th Application: 70% of qualifying expenses, capped atS$10,000per application

Professional Service related to the POC (incl. consultancy, cybersecurity testing, IT audit, training, change management)

Wage Support Incl. salaries of staff (Including Foreign Nationals) involved in the development and implementation of the project (excluding employer CPF and bonuses)

Hardware & Software Incl. licences, maintenance and subscription costs, related to the project

100% of Internship Funding for Salaries of Singaporean/PR Undergraduate Interns

(capped at S$1,000/month per intern)


Overall internship salary cap ofS$20,000 for FinTechs with more than 30 staff


Overall internship salary cap ofS$10,000for FinTechs with 30 staff or less

Overall BGG Cap of up to S$100,000 Per FinTech

BGG Application Closing Date: 31st December 2021

Sfa No

12 months after disbursement of grant:

• Remain registered and operating in Singapore


• No reduction in headcount at the end of the project period, but if necessary and inevitable, not more than 20% headcount reduction (Excluding Interns)

• SFA member with a valid SFA Fintech Certification throughout the period

• POC must be successfully completed on the APIX platform and receive a certificate of completion from APIX

Utilisation and KPI Report

Applicant to submit their utilisation report to SFA, including supporting documents for proof of payment (e.g. invoices, pay slips to interns) and to show that project KPIs have been met, at the end of the funding period. Un-utilised grant amounts on the qualifying expenses categories and internship salaries will be clawed back by SFA. Applicants that do not meet KPI would have their grant clawed back


Random audits would be conducted by SFA or their appointed external auditor on applicants' use of the grant. If the audit report indicates misuse of Grants or fraudulent activities, the full grant amount will be clawed back and reported to the authorities

Duplicate Funding

No duplicate funding between the MAS-SFA-AMTD FinTech Solidarity Grant programme and other Government Grants.

SFA will take all legal actions to clawback the full grant amount from the Company, in any cases of misuse, fradulent or un-utilised grant amounts

1. Completed Grant Application Form

2. Screenshot of 100% APIX Profile Completion

3. Screenshot of IDE on APIX

4. Signed POC agreement with Financial Institution (FI) or Technology Company

5. For Wage Support

a. Payroll Listing for Full-time Staff and Intern (Last 3 Months) – Mandatory if you are claiming for Wage Support

b. Latestcopy IRAS Notice of Assessment of the Full Time Staff claiming for Wage Support - Mandatory for non-Singapore Citizen/PR and for Singapore Citizen/PR claiming more than SGD 6000 per month.

c. CPF Employer Submission (Last 3 Months) – Mandatory for Singapore Citizen/PR claiming up to SGD 6000 per month.

d. Student Card – Mandatory if you are claiming for Wage Support for Intern

6. For Hardware & Software, Professional Services, and Other Expenses:

a. Invoices/Vendor Contracts for qualifying expenses (Dated from 1 Feb 2020 onwards)

b. Documents to show the actual payment made e.g. bank statements. Applicable only if payment has been made (Dated from 1 Feb 2020 onwards)

SFA may contact your company for additional supporting documents if we find your application lacking in details

Download the Grant Application Form* (Form Linked below), and ensure you fill out all required details

Submit the completed Form and all supporting Documents through the Button at the bottom of this webpage. Ensure all fields are filled

SFA will review your application, including all required Documents. If more information is required, you will be contacted directly

Successful applicants will receive further instructions from SFA

*You may need a printer and scanner to sign the Form, if you cannot do so digitally
If you have not downloaded and filled out all required forms, please do so before Submitting
For further enquires on the MAS-SFA-AMTD FinTech Solidarity Grant, please email [email protected]

You can apply for the Fintech Certification here:

For SFA members, your FinTech Certification will be renewed together with your SFA membership if you meet all the renewal criteria.

Vag com 409.1 driver download. For non SFA-members, you are unfortunately not eligible for this grant.

No, as the application submission form will require your FinTech Certificate number, you are required to have received the Fintech Certificate first.

A core activity is an activity that is usually considered as required for the running of business e.g. Finance, Human Resources, Sales etc.

For e.g. your company should not just have a sales team in Singapore while other teams e.g. Finance and Human Resources located in other countries.

For the Business Growth Grant, you may apply up to 5 times during the application period. However, you can not claim for the same expenses for more than once and you will need to indicate the number of applications submitted for the Business Growth Grant.


SFA understands the difficulties faced by the companies in the industry during this period of time, and the documentations are required for SFA to prioritise and ensure that support is extended to the companies which most need it.

Please submit all relevant invoices and contracts with vendors for SFA to review. SFA reserves the rights to decide if the expense qualifies under the grant.

You are required to submit the report to SFA with supporting documents, to show that the project KPIs have been met.

SFA would review on a case-by-case basis at the end of the funding period. Depending on the outcome of the review, the grant disbursed could be rescinded.

SFA, being the administrator for the grant, is accountable to the sponsors. Random audits would be conducted to ensure there is no misuse of grant or fraudulent activities involved. Full grant amount will be rescinded and relevant authorities would be notified if there is misuse of grant or fraudulent activities involved.

SFA would review on a case-by-case basis. Do reach out to SFA immediately once it is known that the POC would be extended beyond the 12 months period.

For further enquires on the MAS-SFA-AMTD FinTech Solidarity Grant, please email [email protected]

Welcome to the SFA Procurement & Property Service Department.. Let's Do Business

Fraud and Ethics

SFA maintains policies regarding fraudulent or unethical conduct that establish examples of acceptable and unacceptable conduct as well as procedures and responsibilities for detecting, reporting and resolving instances of known or suspected fraudulent activity, and prescribe a coordinated approach toward investigation and resolution of fraudulent activity. Click Ethics for more information

Ethics (Policy 2.6)

Fraud (Policy 2.7)

Purchasing Ethics and Confidentiality (Policy 17.22)

Best Value Procurement

SFA purchases goods and services on a best value basis. Purchasing guidelines are governed by Texas Education Code 51.9335 and University policies and procedures approved by the University's Board of Regents. Stephen F. Austin State University is an independent university, and is not part of any system.

Procurement Cards

University departments have the ability to make limited purchases up to $3,000 with a university procurement card.

Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions

Click to view SFA's standard Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions.


If a procurement card is not used, an official purchase order is the only method for the purchase of goods obligating payment on behalf of SFA. The university assumes no liability for payment of obligations except those incurred in accordance with current purchasing policies and procedures. To ensure prompt payment the purchase order number must be referenced on shipping labels and invoices. In accordance with state law, standard payment terms are Net 30 upon receipt of goods or correct invoice, whichever is later. Early payment with a discount may be negotiated. Late fees will be paid in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act of Texas.

Tax Exempt Status

Tax Exemptions - in Texas

Stephen F. Austin State University is exempt from paying State of Texas sales tax, use tax, and hotel occupancy tax. Following are the forms, letters, and information required to claim the exemption in Texas:

Stephen F. Austin State University Texas taxpayer identification number: 17560025144

Stephen F. Austin State University Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN): 75-6002514

Sales and Use Tax, Hotel Occupancy Tax, and Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Exemptions

Sfa No Uta

Tax Exemptions - Out of State

Sfa Notice Of Complaint

Stephen F. Austin State University is tax exempt in the following states. (Click on the state name to access the documents required to claim the exemption.):

State Required Documentation/Explanation
Alaska No state sales and use tax. Some local jurisdictions impose local sales taxes.
Colorado Accepts TX certificate.
Delaware No state sales tax. Has a rental tax.
Florida Provide Florida 'Consumer's Certificate of Exemption' (DR-14) to vendor for purchases only. Sleeping accommodations are taxable.
Hawaii No state sales tax. Has a general excise tax.
Idaho Must use T-card or direct billing. Complete ST-104-HM for lodging. Complete ST-101 for food and other purchases. Provide applicable form to vendor.
Illinois Provide 'Illinois Sales Tax Exemption Certificate' to vendor. This authorizes SFA to purchase tangible personal property tax-free. Lodging is not tax exempt.
Indiana Provide completed ST-105 to vendor. [NOTE: select applicable prefilled form, whether for blanket purchase (hotel rooms/business meals) or single purchase]
Kentucky Must use T-card or direct billing. Provide completed Kentucky 'Out-of-State Purchase Exemption Certificate' (Form 51A127) to vendor.
Maine Must use T-card or direct billing. Complete the Maine Revenue Services 'Permanent Exemption Certificate' and provide to vendor.
Michigan Must use T-card or direct billing. Provide competed prefilled Form 3372 to vendor.
Minnesota Most goods, services, and equipment purchases are tax exempt. However, meals and lodging are NOT tax exempt. Must use T-card or direct billing. Provide completed Form ST3 'Certificate of Exemption' to vendor.
Mississippi Must use T-card or direct billing. Provide copy of letter from Mississippi Dept of Revenue to vendor. This authorizes SFA to be exempt from sales taxes.
Missouri Accepts TX certificate. Provide TX certificate and email from Missouri Dept of Revenue to vendor.
Montana No state sales tax.
New Hampshire No general state sales and use tax. However, there is a tax on rooms, meals, and vehicle rentals. Provide page from website confirming that NH does not issue certificates for exemptions to vendor.
North Dakota Must use T-card or direct billing. Provide 'State of North Dakota Certificate of Exempt Status - Exempt Organization' to vendor. This authorizes SFA to be exempt from sales taxes for purchases, rental and leases of tangible personal property.
Ohio Provide completed Ohio 'Sales and Use Tax Blanket Exemption Certificate' (Form STEC B) to vendor.
Oregon No state sales tax, but there is a lodging tax.
Rhode Island Must use T-card or direct billing. Provide Rhode Island 'Certificate of Exemption' to vendor. If purchasing lodging and/or meals, also provide the May 31, 2017, email that confirms the exemption applies to lodging and meals.
Tennessee Must use T-card or direct billing. Provide copy of Tennessee 'Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption' to the vendor, with the lower portion completed. This authorizes SFA to be exempt from sales and use taxes on the purchase of goods and services.
Texas Provide 'Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate' to vendor for lodging. For all other purchases, provide 'Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification' (signed by SFA Director of Procurement) to vendor.

Prevailing Wage Complaint Procedures

Complaints, including a complaint by a worker, concerning an alleged violation regarding payment of prevailing wage rates at the rates stipulated by the contract shall be directed to the SFA Physical Plant Director who shall make an initial determination as to whether good cause exists to believe that the violation occurred. This determination will be made within 30 days of the receipt of the information. Stephen F. Austin State University shall not make a final payment to the vendor if any complaint is pending.

Physical Plant Director
P.O. Box 13031
2104 Wilson Drive
Nacogdoches, TX 75961
Fax: 936-468-4446

The complaint must include the name of the aggrieved party, their employer, the name of the project, the rate of pay, the worker's contact information including address, phone number and email, and supporting information relating to the reason for the complaint. Within 30 days the worker, the contractor and subcontractor, if applicable, will be notified of the determination. If Stephen F. Austin State University determines good cause exists to believe that a violation has occurred it will retain any amount due under the contract pending a final determination of the violation.

If the contractor or subcontractor and any affected worker do not resolve the issue by agreement before the 15th day after SFA makes it initial determination, the issue shall be submitted to binding arbitration in accordance with the Texas General Arbitration Act (Article 224 et seq., Revised Statues) per Texas Government Code 2258.053 - 2258.055.