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Samsung Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Patch

Download the original firmware Samsung CLP 320 version firmware v1.00.01.46. Download the original firmware Samsung CLP 320N version firmware v1.00.01.34. Download the original firmware Samsung CLP 320N version firmware v1.00.01.46 Download the original firmware Samsung CLP 320/ 320k / 325 version firmware 41. How to reset factory default settings for Panasonic printers. Reset with Network Setup Tool. Display the Network Setup Tool. Click the printer you want to set up in the list. Click the Setup menu, then click Network Factory Default. Enter the password and click OK. Click Yes to restart the printer.

To create fix firmware reset for Samsung printers
SCX 3400 / 3401 / 3405 / 3406 / 3407 / W
need to know serial number (SN)CRUM serie and firmware version

This information can be found by printing the reports of the printer:
Configurationand Supplies Information

1. Hold STOP/CLEAR button about 4-5 seconds until the LED flashes once then leave.
Print configuration report which appears SERIAL NUMBER and VERSION FIRMWARE
2. Hold STOP/CLEARbutton again for approximately 15 seconds until the LED stay green, then leave.
Print Supplies Information which appears CRUM serie

If the printer NOT allows you to print the page (or the cartridge is at 0%)

quickly type the following key combination to print reports in TECH MODE
+ (plus) + (plus) STOP (minus) (minus) STOP STOP (displays) UC
Press +untilAA displays on the printer screen than START START

In the 2nd part (min 1:39 – 5:32)
– How simple it is to install fix firmware reset sent by us
– Working cartridge without chip (covered with tape or taken out)
– Counters reset to 100% after each stop/ start the printer

Samsung Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Patch Factory

After reset is necessary only refill toner cartridge
Video refill, disassembly, cleaning cartridge MLT-D101

Firmware version available to reset






13EUR / 15,3$

SCX-3400 W
SCX-3405 W




13EUR / 15,3$


V3.07.01.00 – V3.07.01.19

23EUR / 36$

Firmware version 3.xx.02.xx can’t be reset remotely, only debug printer

How to order fix firmware reset ?
Place quick order!
Discount % % % !

Other details:

1/3 Install printer
2/3 Install Easy Printer Manager
3/3 Install wireless (SCX 3405W)
Wireless scan (SCX 3405W)
Softpedia Forum

New firmware

PrinterFirmware Samsung SL-C480/480W/480FW (SD) V3.00.01.21f

Compatible models: Samsung SL-C480, Samsung SL-C480FW, Samsung SL-C480w

Firmware HP LASER 150A/150NW (SD) V3.82.01.08f + 5 dots

Compatible models: HP LASER 150A, HP LASER 150NW

Firmware HP LASER MFP 178FNW (SD) V3.82.01.07f + 5 dotsSamsung Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Patch

Compatible models: HP LASER MFP 178FNW

Firmware Xerox B215 (SD) // 10 symbols // SN + 5

Compatible models: Xerox B215

Firmware Xerox B210 (SD) // 10 symbols // SN + 5

Compatible models: Xerox B210

Dear visitors of our site – you are welcome.
On this site you can find the firmware update for Samsung and Xerox printers, and when you have found the needed version, feel free to buy it. Questions about ‘what is a firmware update and how it works’, you can find out by reading the appropriate sections of our site. Most of the multiple device reprogramming files are available for download on our site for free, they are all tested and have a 100% guarantee.

How to make your printer to print with refilled cartridges?

It is advisable to read the informative sections of this site before buying the firmware.

Samsung Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Patch

1. Before you order a modified firmware for your printer, you must install all the necessary data, which is needed to generate a firmware file, in particular, the following information about the printer has to be known:

Samsung printer toner reset firmware fix patch download

- Device Type ( Model )

- Firmware version

- Serial number ( you can find out by printing the report sheet, taking a look at the back of your printer or by using this program )

- Crum number of the cartridge

// To find out how to get this information click here

Nobita ki nayi duniya.

2. As next, select a model from the list of printers, which require a firmware reprogramming.

3. Then find the appropriate firmware for your device, which is either equal to or higher than yours (the firmware version can be determined by the last two digits).

4. Once you have selected the correct firmware version, you should fill out the needed information, which is needed to generate the firmware file.

5. When all information is entered, press the button to order the firmware.

6. As next, you should choose – how you would like to pay for the order. More information can be read here.

7. After the payment, a firmware file is automatically generated and a link is sent to your provided e-mail address, where you can download the ordered firmware reprogramming file.

Samsung Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Patch Download

8. If a customer has not an account in either payment systems – “PayPal” or “WebMoney”, the he can pay for the service through an intermediary, transferring the appropriate amount to our account. Payment details here.

Samsung Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Patch 8.0

9. If the payment is made through intermediaries, the firmware is sent only after receiving the money in the manual mode – as an e-mail with a link for the firmware download. In this case, the client receives a firmware in accordance with the interim criteria described here.

If for any reasons you are not satisfied with the purchased program, we will immediately refund your money due to malfunction cause in the firmware. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask them in the section “Contacts”.

Samsung Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Patch Pc

Especially we want to note that our firmware under no circumstances is able to damage your printer or disable it, if during the program installation you have followed all the rules for reprogramming the device.

Samsung Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Patch Windows 7

We are looking forward to a beneficial cooperation!