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Saints Row 4 Superman Costume

It contains 2 new outfits and one new vehicle, Along side the new content the pack is special due to it being when bought from a customer some of the profit money goes toward Child's Play Charity. In the pack there features a Digital Dino suit and Robo Chimp suit, Along side with the outfits there is a vehicle in the garage called Retro Rocket. Saints Row IV Workshop moejorris's Workshop. A suit closely resembling Superman's costume that replaces the Funtime! You can also change the colors if you want, but I reccommend sticking with the classic colors.

The Saints Of Gotham


'Sir, I have to remind you, that you have a very important meeting today. May I suggest that you at least get some sleep before that, Master Bruce?'

Alfred Pennyworth the butler of the Waynes advised the youngest and last member of this rich and powerful family Bruce Wayne, who just came back from an adventurous night as the Batman.

'I just have to look into this new street gang 'The 3rd Street Saints'. They are new in the crime business and I want to take them out before they even gain footing to establish an organization.' Bruce answered.

'The Saints? Isn't it just a group of thugs and street women? Compared to your usual threats they seem rather harmless.' Alfred wondered out.

There were several street gangs in Gotham, but only the most powerful were worth of Batman's notice. The Saints surely would disappear as quick as they emerged.

'Criminals are Criminals. Just because they aren't insane, doesn't mean, I should overlook them.' Bruce said determined.

Saints Row 4 Superman Costume Costumes

Alfred had stern look on his face and put a hand on Bruce's shoulder. 'No arguing. Smashing street gangs is a job for another time. Now please go upstairs and rest a little, Master Bruce.' Alfred declared and started to help Bruce getting out of his costume.

1 The Rise Of The Saints

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Three years later

'How dare they? I only let them continue to exist because they weren't worth my time.' Penguin, a local gangster boss of Gotham and enemy of the Bat, ranted. 'That is the third shipment of weapons we lost this week. My guys in the South of my district are dead. The Saints took over several of my strongholds and drug labs. I have enough. David!' Penguin screamed.

A tall muscle packed guy entered. He wore a fashion suit and you could see tattoos on his hands and face. 'Yes, boss?' He asked his eyes were hidden by stylish sunglasses.

'We are at war. I won't rest until this mother fucking son of a bitch is bleeding to death under my foot.' Penguin yelled at him.

The big guy smiled manically and responded. 'Consider it done!' Then he stepped out of the room to mobilize a few goons and go after the Saints.

Penguin noticed the Saints for the first time, when they tried to get in on the drug business. Back then they were just a gang of street punks, who thought they could make some easy money. Their leader Jules was a rational guy and easy to make deals with. With him Penguin established a healthy business.

Then an internal war broke out within the Saints and they started to dissolve back into nothing. When eventually a new leader emerged Penguin resumed their relation. At first everything went well, but the Saints started to take one hand when Penguin offered a finger.

Saints Row 4 Superman Costume Pattern

The saints started a coup to take over his organization. Penguin underestimated the new leader. In the time of their struggle, he had cleansed the gang from any opposing force and melted it into his private cult. The saints were insane. The lengths they went to achieve their goals were ludicrous.

Before Penguin started to take them seriously, they had already taken over half of his turf. Though the Penguin wouldn't go down without a fight. He entrenched himself with his best men in a secret base. The Iceberg-Lounge was still not finished and Penguin planned to crush the Saints when the next shipment of weapons would arrive. The only thing he had to do now was to wait.

Shortly after David had left Penguin, the crime-lord heard gun shots. He became nervous. No way the Saints could have found him. This place was his best hidden base even Batman didn't know of. The noises got closer and closer.

In panic Penguin ordered his personal guards to go out and see what was happening. 'Get out and look what is happening.' The men obeyed and with loaded guns they exited the room.

Although a little spooked, Penguin was sure his men would handle whatever this commotion was about. Just moments passed interrupted by gun shots before the door was kicked open by a muscular man in a white, blood clogged tank top, blue jeans and black shoes.

He had short light brown hair and blue eyes. He was in his mid-twenties. He had a tattoo of a fleur-de-lies on his throat, several wristbands and a golden Rolex watch and was holding a shotgun and a pistol.

He confidently walked over to Penguin. Penguin recognized him immediately. It was the leader of the Saints.

He was followed by a hot chick with purple glasses on her head and a guy in a purple grey jacket wearing sun glasses. 'Sorry that I came uninvited, Penguin.' The leader of the Saints started.

'You are one hell of an ugly son of a bitch.' Johnny Gat the first lieutenant and best friend of the Boss commented.

'No kidding. Are you sure your parents were really human?' Viola agreed grimacing.

'What do you want, asshole?' Penguins spat out. He knew it didn't look good for him.

'Now, now Pengy. Why the name calling? I just wanted to give you something.' Boss replied and reached into his pocket and threw something on the table. Penguin recognized it as David's right hand. Penguin squeezed his umbrella tighter.

'I am afraid our little war is over, before it even began.' Boss laughed. 'As we speak my men are decorating your base with a little gasoline. So let's make this quick. Hand over your laptop with the password and we will be on our way.'

'As you wish!' Penguin screamed. He pointed his umbrella with the hidden gun in it at the Leader, but before he could shoot he was shot instead. Smoke emitted from the Leader's gun. Penguin let go of his umbrella a hole between the eyes.

'Nice shot, Boss!' Johnny laughed. Suddenly a tune rang out. Boss fetched his cell phone from his pocket. 'Oh that's Kinzie.' He informed Gat and Viola. Boss answered the call. 'Hello, Kinzie.'

A little bit earlier in the Saints underground base

Boss was just receiving a very intimate dance from his favorite stripper Sheela, when he was interrupted by Pierce. 'Your timing is the worst, bro.' Boss sighed.

'Nice boots.' Pierce spaced out looking at Sheela dancing.

'Pierce!' Boss shouted.

'Sorry, man. But we got news on the Penguin.' Pierce explained. Reluctantly, Boss stood up but not before he slipped Sheela a bit of money. Boss followed Pierce to a little quieter part of the base. At a table were sitting Kinzie, Viola, Shaundi and Oleg. Pierce and Boss sat beside them.

'What's up?' Boss asked looking at his lieutenants.

'I found out where the Penguin is hiding. He is barricading himself in a Japanese sushi restaurant.' Shaundi proudly stated. She handed him a flyer of a Japanese restaurant with name and address.

'Good job, Shaundi.' Boss praised the relaxed, popular, drug addicted girl. 'What? Now way, girl. I told you that. I found it out.' Pierce complained.

'Don't be a wuss, Pierce.' Boss answered ignoring Pierce's complains.

'Aw, man. Every fricking time.' Pierce said out loud and was quiet.

'So I go there and kill that bastard?' Boss asked putting the flyer back on the table.

'Basically, yes. But if it isn't too much of a hassle, I strongly advise you to get the laptop of Penguin, preferably with the password. Then we would have access to all the information Penguin has. Also we could just take over his business with his several partners. It would prevent, that they seek out a new partner assisting one of our enemies' gang. Gotham is very established city. If we take out one of their big players, the rest will set their eyes on us. At the moment there are Black Mask in the North, Two-face in the West and Bane in the East. Although currently residing in Arkham Asylum, you should look out for the Joker. He is, in my opinion, the most dangerous of them all.' Kinzie told Boss.

'You should also take measurements against the man who roams the night. Batman.' Oleg said in his Russian accent. The dark knight wouldn't just stay put when they tried to take over the city.

'The world against me. Just how I like it. I agree with Kinzie. Although he is not free, we have to prepare us against Joker. I heard, he likes to use a special toxin. Isn't there some crazy eco-girl slash plant? Maybe she can develop an antidote. Shaundi, try to find out where she is. Take a few girls with you for back up. Oleg you check out this Bane. Pierce you get Black Mask. Kinzie you contact Miller. He shall hack into Arkham, so that we get a surveillance on the Joker.' Boss ordered but was interrupted by Kinzie.

'Hey, hacking is my job.' The former FBI employee said in protest.

'You will have to crack Penguin's laptop.' Boss continued. 'I don't think he will give us the password. Contact Asha she should see what she can find out about Two-face. You, Viola, are with me. We'll go on a little bird hunt. I will also call Johnny. He hadn't had his share of murder lately and became a little cranky.'

The group disband everyone pursuing their task. Boss called Johnny. 'Hi, Johnny. Are you up for a little fun with murder?.. Yeah, great. Meet me at the 4th street corner Abigale-Street. The shop is called 'Fish Heaven'. See you there.' Viola and Boss got in a fancy sport car and drove off.


Saints Row 4 Superman Costume

'No, Kinzie we don't have the computer yet… No, he can't tell us anymore… You don't understand. With a bullet in the head nobody could say anything… Hey guys, Kinzie says to look for some kind of switch probably on Penguin's height.' Boss chatted with Kinzie and advised his lieutenants.

After five minutes of searching Viola exclaimed. 'Found it!' She pulled the switch and a picture swung out revealing a solid safe.


'What do we do now, Kinzie?.. What? How the fuck does you know that?.. Ok, Ok I get it, you are good with computers… Yes, you are by far better than Miller and yes, I should have assigned you to hack Arkham. Now, please say the code… Alright, Viola the code is 16-3-93-5.' Boss said after he was informed by Kinzie.

Viola used the code and opened the safe. 'Holly Molly. Look at all this jewelry.' Viola's eyes began to shine.

'It wouldn't hurt to take them, too. Get the laptop and the bling. Johnny place the c-4. I still have something to do.' Boss walked over to Penguin's corpse and turned him hugging towards his cell phone.

He said. 'Cheese!' And shot a selfie of himself and the dead Penguin. 'This is so going on Dwitter and Visagebook.' Boss said while tipping in his handy.

Saints Row 4 Superman Costume Set

'Boss, all is done, let's blow this hole to hell.' Boss, Johnny and Viola exited the restaurant while followed by the rest of the attacking crew four more members of the Saints. While the gang got in the cars the Leader turned around one last time before he said.

'See you in hell.' And blew the building up. He got in the car and drove back to their base.

'Hello, here is Jane Valderamma, your exclusive reporter on the Saints with the newest update on their latest actions. Despite the odds the Saints, founded as a simple street gang three years ago, rose up to a formidable crime syndicate. The Saints achieved today their first big victory, taking out one of their competitors of Gotham's underworld the Penguin. Mostly known for his puny height Penguin was one of the most influential crime bosses in Gotham, taking part in large shipments of weapons, dealing drugs and his participation in the club business. It seems the Saints are controlling at least a quarter of Gotham now, ranking themselves as one of the big players in town. How will the remaining gangs react? Will the Gotham police force lead by commissioner Gordon be able to stop this rising gang? And what will the Batman do? I will keep you current. I am Jane Valderamma from Channel 6 News.'

Saints Row 4 Superhero Costumes

This a fanfiction. Batman and Saints Row belong to their respective owners.

From the author

Saints Row 4 Superman

Hope you liked the start of my new story. I am actually surprised that not many more thought of a crossover between Saints Row and Batman. I think both universes are very compatible. For the depiction of the Saints, I will mostly use the third and fourth game, but I will also implement aspect of the first and second game. I used Shaundi's character from the second game, as an example. I will try to mix the humor of the last two games and some of the serious tone of the first two games. Like in the game the Saints will have to defeat three major rival gangs Bane, Black Mask and Two-face, but there will be some surprises. As for Batman I will mostly use The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. I don't intend for more superheroes than the Bat Family, but maybe other non-super powered heroes like Green Arrow could make an appearance. But there will be no Superman or Wonder Woman and no Justice League. And about the last paragraph, I got the idea from the second game, where after every mission you could read an article how the press saw the actions of the Saints. This is a tool for me to show the perspective on the Saints from the outside. I will rate the story M just to be safe, because there will be drugs, violence and crude language. Maybe if the story will not be hardcore enough, I will change it again.