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Richard Tan Balance Method

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Richard Tan was a practitioner and teacher of acupuncture. He brought old and new schools of thought together to create a powerful healing method. His family celebrates a long tradition of Chinese medicine, which gave Dr. Tan an understanding of ancient practices. Based on a long lineage of ancient, authentic teachings, the Balance Method is a highly specialized area of acupuncture known for its instant and efficient results. Based on a long lineage of ancient, authentic teachings, the Balance Method is a highly specialized area of acupuncture known for its instant and efficient results.

  1. Dr Tan Balance Chart
  2. Richard Tan Balance Method Pdf
  3. Dr Richard Tan Balance Method
  4. Richard Tan Balance Method
  5. Dr Tan Balance Method
Dr Tan’s Balance Method acupuncture focuses on selecting meridians to obtain ‘local balance’ and ‘global balance’. It is based on how one channel can balance other channels. Painful areas are not needled directly. Rather pain is alleviated by selecting distal points on the four limbs or on the head. Any one who has witnessed his treatments can be in little doubt of how effective it is. Balance
The system is very logical. In fact it is so logical that an application can do the required analysis, calculate the channel combinations and show the the result in an understandable fasion. This procedure is known as doing the ‘matrix analysis’.
If you are a practitioner, and, like me, still have not memorised all the balance tables, then this application may be of use. The Balance Method application below does the ‘matrix analysis’ for you, saving you time. It is intended to be used in clinic. It does assume that you already know the principles behind Dr Tan’s Balance Method. Method
While using this functionality, do keep in mind that a drawback of software like this is that it only works in one way. Unlike a practitioner, it has no freedom of mind. Your mind is more flexible than this application! If you’d like additional functionality, let me know.
It is also said that the Global Balance Method is best for Global issues, i.e. chronic internal issues.
Local issues, like local acute pain, are best dealt with using ordinary local balance.
  1. Identify channels in proximity to the painful area
  2. In the diagram, select those channels
  3. Click button ‘Show Matrix Analysis’
The results shown are:
  1. The minimum set of channels that balances all the selected channels
  2. Any Yin Yang Yin Yang combos across the 4 limbs
  3. Any Global Balance combos, whether it be of type (a), (b) or (c).

>>> The 6 Levels <<<

TaiYang – SI
YangMing – LI
ShaoYang – SJ
TaiYin – LU
ShaoYin – HT
JueYin – PC
TaiYang – BL
YangMing – ST
ShaoYang – GB
TaiYin – SP
ShaoYin – KID
JueYin – LIV

>>> View All 6 Systems <<<

Local balance

Dr Tan Balance Chart

Richard Tan Balance Method Pdf

ChannelSystem 1
System 2
System 3
System 4
System 5
6 -self
Upper/lower body (eg TaiYang paring)E.g. ShaoYang →ShaoYin paringExterior-interiorChinese clock oppositesChinese clock neighbours
Needle opposite sideNeedle either sideNeedle opposite sideNeedle either sideNeedle opposite side
Hand→Foot. Foot→HandHand→Foot. Foot→HandHand→Hand. Foot→FootHand→Foot. Foot→HandHand→Foot. Foot→Hand
Feb 3EarthFeb 4 -> April 16WoodApril 17 -> May 4EarthMay 5 -> July 20FireJuly 21 -> Aug 7EarthAug 8 -> Oct 19MetalOct 20 -> Nov 6EarthNov 7 -> Jan 16Water

Dr Richard Tan Balance Method

Today we are in the season marked with a red box in the chart above.
Tan So… of the gua’s in the red box, which gua should you choose for today?
Gua’s marked by a star (*) have many good qualities. Though of these, the best gua’s are the red gua’s.
Richard Tan Balance Method For instance of the Earth gua’s, the best gua is 72.Tan
Of all of the gua’s, the single best gua is gua number 18 (representing female over male) [no comment… Well – actually it has to do with ‘maximum change’. The bottom Yang will rise, and the top Yin will descend]. If fact, this gua is so good it can be used at any time of the year.
Now that you have chosen a gua – assuming you want to do a seasonal balance – how do you use it?
1) First do a normal ‘Balance Method’ search above.
2) In the results, find section ‘Seasonal Balance’. There you will find a form input called ‘Season Number’ (Should perhaps have been called Season gua?). Enter your season gua in the input box and click button ‘Show Matrix Analysis’ again. This will calculate the seasonal balance matrix with suggested points to use.

Richard Tan Balance Method

This page is dedicated to the memory of Dr Richard Tan who generously shared his insight with all.

Dr Tan Balance Method

I frequently utilize a technique called Applied Kinesiology (also refereed to as 'AK') during my diagnostic processes. AK has been evolving since developed by Dr. George Goodheart in 1955. Using certain sequences and certain reference points, muscle groups will either respond strongly or weakly depending on a presented or pondered situation. With muscle testing, the energy of beneficial nutrition or system stressors such as Heavy Metals may be identified and addressed. Like any testing (allopathic, natural, scientific) AK responses are always subject to error and/or misinterpretation, BUT it is surprising at how often it can help identify the contributing factors that affect health. AK relies on principals that are similar as those those that trigger elevated galvanic skin responses measured by polygraph machines.
AK is an art form. It takes time to learn how to use it, it takes time to know when it can be used, and it takes time to know when it is likely to provide false responses. If you are not familiar with Muscle Testing/AK, you owe it to yourself to experience AK with a skilled practitioner so you can discover the benefits for yourself.