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Qtp Help Pdf

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Da youngsta's i'll make u famous. QTP Tutorial in PDF - You can download the PDF of this wonderful tutorial by paying a nominal price of $9.99. Your contribution will go a long way in helping us serve. I just want to know the PDF compare property, I am working in Dialogue(tool for generating PDF) documents testing, where we will be having an exisiting PDF(no change) and the new PDF where text changes are made and some texts are eliminated, so will this PDF compare property in QTP help us to spot out the chnages that were made in the existing.

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Qtp Help Pdf Format

This tutorial is designed for Software Testing Professionals with a need to understand the QTP in detail along with its simple overview, and practical examples. This tutorial will give you enough ingredients to start with QTP from where you can take yourself at higher level of expertise. Prerequisites. Readmore ››
Click on Get Software link. On the new page that is displayed, navigate to the bottom of the page. The page displays ‘Download Directly’ and ‘Use HP Download Manager’ button. 11. Download QTP 11 using any of the two buttons. Note: The QTP software gets downloaded in ISO format. User would need an ISO reader to install the software. Readmore ››
The latest version of QTP is 11.5; this new version of QTP is named as HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT). Basically, the UFT is a mixture of HP QTP ( GUI testing tool) and HP Service Test ( API testing tool ). Readmore ››
User should have administrative rightson a particular drive to install UFT. Since, QTP is a commercial tool; user can get and download the trial version from HP site, directly. Here, only the latest version of QTP that is UFT (Unified functional testing) “12.0” is available for download. UFT 12.0 can be installed from either:. Readmore ››

Traning Summary

In this course, you will learn test automation using QTP tool now called as Micro Focus UFT(Unified Functional Testing). It is recommended you refer the tutorials sequentially.

What should I know?

This online tutorials are designed for beginners with little or no automation experience. Before you begin, refer this guide to install HP QTP. Knowledge of VBScript will help.


TutorialWhat is QTP/UFT Automation Testing Tool?
TutorialHow to Download and Install UFT or QTP [Latest Version]
TutorialFlight Reservation Application in HP UFT/QTP
TutorialHow to use QTP/UFT IDE
TutorialHow to Record and Playback UFT/QTP Script
Advanced Stuff
TutorialHow Object Identification works in QTP/UFT?
TutorialKeyword and Expert View in QTP/UFT
TutorialUnderstand SystemUtil.Run, SetSecure, Set, Type: QTP/UFT Examples
TutorialHow to Replay a Script in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialUnderstand Test Results in QTP/UFT with Print/Export Example
TutorialParameterization in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialCheckpoints in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialHow to print Output Values in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialIF, Else, End IF, Exists in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialReporter.ReportEvent in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialActions in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialSmart Identification in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialOrdinal Identifier in QTP/UFT: Object Identification Example
TutorialLocal & Shared Object Repository in QTP/UFT
TutorialTypes of Recording Modes in QTP/UFT: Analog, Low Level, Context
TutorialHow to use Functions in QTP/UFT in 3 easy steps
TutorialHow to use Transactions in QTP/UFT
TutorialHow to use Recovery Scenario in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialOptional Step in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialObject Spy, GetRoProperty, GetToProperty in QTP/UFT with Example
TutorialDescriptive Programming in QTP/UFT: Dynamic & Static
TutorialTest Automation Frameworks - Stuff you must Know!
TutorialData, Keyword & Hybrid Automation Frameworks in QTP/UFT
TutorialBusiness Process Testing(BPT) Framework in QTP/UFT
TutorialHow to Import, Read, Change Data from EXCEL in QTP/UFT
TutorialQTP/UFT Mobile App Testing Tutorial
TutorialEnvironment Variable in QTP (UFT) with Example
TutorialAPI Testing USING QTP/UFT: Complete Tutorial

Qtp Help Pdf


Qtp Tutorial Pdf

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