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Psp Dead Pixel

Oct 05, 2009 1-5 dead pixels are fairly common, however, some of these 'dead' pixels are merely frozen/stuck, and will actually become unfrozen/unstuck after the OLED performs its pixel refresher cycle after powering down for 4+ hours. If the pixel(s) is still frozen after 4 pixel refresh cycles then it is likely dead. Similar to what happened with the Nintendo DS last december, some users are experiencing dead pixels on their brand new PSP systems. However unlike Nintendo, Sony had allegedly taken the position of not honoring warranty for this proble.

So, I broke down and bought a Playstation Portable (PSP) this weekend. Lo and behold, it has a single stuck pixel. I didn't even notice it until I fired up a game for the first time, but there it is.. A little, constantly red, annoying little bastard!

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I really hate confronting retailers with returns, especially when its a single pixel that I'm complaining about. This wouldn't be the first time that I've done it though. But before I packed the PSP back up and headed for Best Buy, I figured I'd check online to see if this was a common problem. Unfortunately, it is a very common problem with PSPs and many people that have exchanged a PSP due to dead pixels, reports that their new unit has even more. So I count myself somewhat lucky to only have a single stuck pixel.

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Luckily, I happened upon a post that talked about a little movie that that was originally distributed to help fix dead/stuck pixels on LCD TVs and monitors. The video is a series of screen that flash repeatedly in each of the colors that a pixel supports (Red, Greed, Blue.) The idea being that you can coax a stubbornly stuck pixel into working (or raise a dead pixel from the grave) by constantly forcing all of the pixels of the display to cycle through all of their possible states. (great idea!)

(Note: A stuck pixel is a pixel that only displays a single color (red in my case) and doesn't cycle to any other color. A dead pixel is a pixel that is black and never displays a color. The success rate seems to be higher with stuck pixels over dead ones.)

I downloaded the PSP version and have it currently running on my PSP, but some people have reported success in minutes, while other have had to let the video run for several hours. The consensus seems to be, that if the video doesn't fix your stuck/dead pixel in 24 hours, you might just be stuck with it.

I post this here, because I know of a lot of people that have stuck/dead pixels on their LCD monitors or laptop screen, and I figure that this might be worth a try on those as well. I'll post a follow up and let everyone know how it worked on my PSP. =)

You can download the movie file here, and read about it here.

Psp Dead Pixel

Good luck and let me know if it works for you (especially when not used on a PSP.)



Well, I ran the video for probably 7 hours on my new PSP with no luck. The red little bastard pixel remained. Luckily, Best Buy was great at letting me return my unit for a new one. And I haven't been able to find any other stuck/dead pixels.

Hope you have better luck.

Psp 3000 Dead Pixel