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Ps3 Minecraft Texture Pack

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Free Minecraft Mods For Ps3

Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition. 31-60 of 67 Matches. Release Date (Newest First) Release Date (Oldest First) Title (Z-A) Title (A-Z) Price (High-Low). Minecraft Candy Texture Pack. Minecraft Cartoon Texture Pack. Minecraft City Texture Pack. Minecraft Fantasy.

LB Photo Realism Pack 256x256 Version 10.0.0. 256x 1.6.2 Texture Pack. I would not recommend modding your PS3, as doing so could damage your console. If you are willing to take the risk, however, here are some links. (Please note, these should only be entered at your risk, and may not have content that seem to be.). View, comment, download and edit ps3 Minecraft skins.

Minecraft Elite Edition v1.15 has been released by Game Mod Developers.JoshHawks & Death_Dealer. With this update the developer have added an impressive 10 new Texture Packs and then another new texture pack was added also that came from 'Mojang'. There is alot that these mods offer to minecraft's already addicting gameplay. [break]ss[/break] Checkout everythings these mods have to offer in the details provided and even more details provided in the links provided also.
Minecraft: Elite Edition
Created By: Josh Hawks & Death_Dealer

As promised, the v1.15 update is now live. Keep in mind that you need to allow Minecraft to fully update to v1.15 BEFORE installing our mod pack! This is how all updates will work from now on (v1.14 and up). We have added 10 new texture packs, and updated the base to v1.15. Mojang also added new texture pack 'Patterns' and apparently some bug fixes. Well, hope you guys enjoy it
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Today we bring you Minecraft: Elite Edition, a collection of custom Minecraft Texture/Skin Packs for Playstation 3's with CFW. We started this project after finding no information or mods for PS3 version of Minecraft, we later found that some custom packs COULD be created, but in a very restricted way. We still thought is was cool so we ran with it, later down the road after EXTENSIVE testing, we figured out how to port popular PC resource packs to PS3 without using the old restricted way. We decided to 'remaster' the old project using Death Dealer's new 'PCK Tools' to port the resource packs, which he coded just for this project! His hard work payed off as we are now able to port nearly ANY custom PC resource pack of 16x16 and 32x32 to ps3 format, v1.14+ uses this new system

  • Playstation 3 with CFW
  • Minecraft PSN Version Installed (NPUB31419)
  • Minecraft: Elite Edition Mod Pack

  1. If you are already using Minecraft: Elite Edition and its version is v1.10 or below, you will first need to un-install the older version. Do this by pressing triangle overtop of Minecraft: Elite Edition on XMB, and selecting 'Delete'. (THIS DELETES MINECRAFT FROM XMB!! ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW HOW TO RE-INSTALL IT!!!!)
  2. Install 'vanilla' Minecraft via PSN/PKG Manager, load it up and let it update to the newest version as of now, which would be v1.14.
  3. Copy 'Minecraft - Elite Edition (ver).pkg' to the root of a USB Flash Drive or External HDD.
  4. When copy is complete, insert your USB Flash Drive or External HDD into your PS3 USB Slot.
  5. Turn on your PS3 and browse to the 'Game' column on your XMB, highlight 'Install Package Files', then press 'X'. You should see 'Minecraft - Elite Edition (ver).pkg' in the list, highlight it and press 'X'. Wait for it to finish installing.
  6. Enjoy your new Minecraft Stuffs!!!

Please read my instructions thoroughly before installing, not reading wastes my time and yours, and could result in you messing up your PS3. You should make a full backup of Minecraft before installing this Mod Pack! The best way to do this is to copy your whole 'NPUB31419' folder to a safe location, it's located at 'hdd0/game/NPUB31419'. You can also have a backup 'pkg install' of Minecraft, but it will not preserve any purchased DLC etc if you use this method of backup. In order to install my Mod Pack you will need to install a PKG file to your PS3, afterwards you will be left with ONLY a modded version of Minecraft. The only way to uninstall the mods is to delete Minecraft from XMB and copy 'NPUB31419' folder back to 'hdd0/game', or re-install vanilla Minecraft via 'Install Package Files'. This mod pack is very safe to install, just follow the directions and you will be fine. I am not responsible for any damage done to your copy of Minecraft or your Playstation 3 due to not following instructions..use at your own risk!


If you are using Minecraft: Elite Edition v1.10 or below you will need to do a 'fresh' install! This is done by deleting Minecraft: Elite Edition from XMB and re-installing v1.13+ via Package Manager. Sorry about this, alot of stuff was changed and its cleaner this way if you do a clean install. As of v1.14 our mod pack will be installed 'overtop' of a already purchased/unlocked PSN version of Minecraft. DO NOT msg me asking how to unlock or obtain a full version of Minecraft, buy it..or figure it out yourself, as we do not condone the stealing of this game! DO NOT comment on threads stating its 'locked' or you cant play because you dont want to buy it. All that info is already stated in the thread, and i DO NOT like it when people dont read beforethey ask questions. All that aside, this is very easy to install..hope you enjoy it!
All screenshots were taken from my PS3, with the in-game screenshot function in my XMB.


View Fullscreen on YouTube A LIKE would be appreciated..
New Texture/Skin packs that are added are listed here
Age of Eteria
Good Morning Craft
Mirrors Edge
Moray Summer
Ovo's Rustic Redemption
Pixel Perfection
Pumpkin Patch
Red Creeper
Sunny Craft
The Find
Will Pack

  • [*=center]SKIN PACKS
Battle & Beasts
Battle & Beasts 2
Death Dealer's Skin Pack 1 NEW!
Dr. Who NEW!
Elite Electronics Skin Pack 1 NEW!
Elite Electronics Skin Pack 2 NEW!
Elite Electronics Skin Pack 3 NEW!
Elite Electronics Skin Pack 4 NEW!
Elite Electronics Skin Pack 5 NEW!
Guardians of the Galaxy NEW!
Marvel Avengers
Skin Pack 1
Skin Pack 2
Skin Pack 3
Skin Pack 4
Skin Pack 5
Skin Pack 6 NEW!
Summer of Arcade

[Problem] Minecraft exits to XMB when launched!
  • [Answer] I believe this has something to do with the region of your PS3/Minecraft, I created this on a NTSC (USA) console and have only had reports of this error on non-ntsc consoles. One user claims he got it to work using the 'ENG' language but I can't verify this nor can I re-create this error.
[Problem]I can't extract the Minecraft ZIP archive!Playstation
  • [Answer] My build script uses '7zip' to create the archive, WinRAR, WinACE, and other extracting programs may have trouble extracting the archive. If you have this problem just install 7zip it's free! You can download 7zip HERE

Our projects will always be free, but If you enjoy our mods please consider making a small donation. We spend alot of time modding various PS3 games, as any game modder may know..this puts our consoles through alot of stress. All the freezing and resetting that occurs while testing mods puts strain on the ol' PS3, not to mention its extremely time consuming. Donations help us continue to mod games, and to help buy/replace broken consoles and parts. To make a donation please visit our PayPal donation link below. Thank You!
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Elite Electronics Downloads
Sources:Elite Electronics /
Checkout more infomation on Minecraft Elite Edition in our Forums- > LINK
This page describes an edition of the game that has been officially discontinued.

Mojang Studios
4J Studios
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Written in
Latest version
Release date

Digital - PSN
December 17, 2013
Retail disc - BluRay
EU: May 14, 2014
NA: May 18, 2014


ESRB: E10+
PEGI: 7+
ACB: PG[1][2]
DEJUS: L (Livre)[3]
DEJUS: 10[4]
USK: 6


84 MB



Source available



Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition is the PlayStation 3 edition of the Legacy Console Edition of Minecraft, developed by 4J Studios for Mojang Studios.[5]Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition is the first edition of Minecraft to be released on the Sony-manufactured console.

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition was announced at Sony Interactive Entertainment's exhibit at Gamescom 2013, along with the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita, and was officially released on Tuesday, December 17 in North America, and Wednesday, December 18, 2013 in Europe, on the PlayStation Store for £12.85, $19.99, or €18.47 and is nearly identical to the Xbox 360 version.[6][7]

As of 1.84, PlayStation 3 Edition has not received new feature updates, including Village & Pillage,Buzzy Bees, and the Nether Update that other editions of Minecraft received.

The PlayStation 3 has been discontinued and the edition's final feature update was Update Aquatic.


Retail Disc[edit]

On April 16, 2014, Sony announced the retail disc version of Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, which was released on May 14, 2014 in Europe and on May 16, 2014 in North America. The game otherwise is identical to the downloadable version. Features such as buying or downloading content on the PlayStation Network are the same for both versions and they both update at the same time.[8][9]


Ps3 Minecraft Texture Pack Download

Main article: Legacy Console Edition § Gameplay

The gameplay is identical to Xbox 360 Edition.


Skin packs[edit]

4J Studios planned to produce Skin Packs as downloadable content. Each Skin Pack was said to include 40+ skins to choose from. The first Skin Pack for PlayStation 3, Festive Skin Pack was released on the same day when Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition was released which was December 17, 2013.

Skin Pack 1 was released on March 27, 2014.

The Battle & Beasts Skin Pack was also released on March 27, 2014.

Skin Pack 2 and Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2 were released in May 2016.

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Cross compatibility with PS Vita[edit]

Through Sony's 'Cross Buy' initiative, owners of PlayStation 3 Edition are able to download PlayStation Vita Edition at no additional cost. Since the PS Vita Edition is based on the PS3 Edition, saves on PS3 Edition are compatible with PS Vita Edition and vice versa.

This does not apply to PlayStation 4 Edition. It is possible to do a one-way save transfer from PS3 to PS4. However, since February 25, 2016, there is no longer a discount on PS4 Edition for owners of PS3 Edition. As of April 15, 2020, it is no longer possible to transfer saves between PS3s, between PS Vitas and from PS3/PS Vita to PS4.[10]


Note: As with the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One trailer, this one was also created by Hat Films.[11]


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