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Patchcache Managed

Hi Edward, Apologies for this delay in coming back. Had some other assignements. The issue was not resolved even after fixing the ACLs by running the SubInACL tool mentioned in your response.

$patchcache$ Managed 見えない

AdobeAcrobat updates may fail with:

Error 1328: Error applying patch to file C:Config.MSIPT3E87.TMP. Ableton live 9 suite crack windows. It has probably been updated by other means and can no longer be modified by this patch.

While I still have no verified explanation for this error, I have seen it enough times to figure out a work around which can be summarized by saying install the patches manual:

  1. Go to the Adobe Updates page
  2. Scroll through the page until you find your product, then click on the most current patch
  3. Download the .MSP and install it
    1. Note that if you see your patch ending with the letters …INCR.MSP that is an INCREMENTAL patch and you need to the previous full patch before installing that one.
  4. When prompted with Error 1328: Error applying patch… click the IGNORE button

Installer Patchcache Managed Delete


C: Windows Installer $patchcache$ Managed

  1. After change the Platform Target to x86 as user LarsTech suggested in his comment, in the end user machines which has Windows 7 OS and no Office suite installed.It worked correctly. I though that this.
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  3. Hello WAHAWK, As far as I can tell those are all normal, the RootAlyzer is an analyst tool and sometimes even legitimate software uses rootkit technologies.