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The world has gone mobile so when you design emails for your DEMs you need to get responsive emails. That's an easy win, if you think of doing it with email marketing or marketing automation tools like Mailchimp, Active Campaigns, etc.

What if you have to design HTML emails to be sent through Outlook?

Outlook Code Block

On July 7, 2014 Microsoft reported that over 1.1 billion people use Microsoft Office. So the estimated base of Microsoft Outlook users in 2014 is between 500M and 600M. That is a lot of users!

After all, when you work with big corporations emails are very often sent through Outlook.


I learned that Outlook's HTML formatting screws code layout (btw, Outlook uses MS Word's HTML rendering engine which sucks big time), but rich text works fine. So if I copy code from Visual Studio and paste it in Outlook message, when using rich text, it looks pretty good, but when in HTML mode, it's a disaster. To set up a rule in Outlook Mail on the web that deletes all messages from a sender and removes all current messages from the same sender: Select the Inbox option on the left side to view your emails, then double-click the email to open a message from the sender you want to block.

Designing HTML emails for outlook it is definitely not a best practice. Outlook is designed to support only a sub-set of HTML 4, so some HTML tags are simply ignored. These tags are not removed from your code, they will display just fine on other email clients that support them, but Outlook skips them. Moreover Outlook does not read CSS so you have to use inline CSS.

Anyway let's say you designed and coded your HTML email and you are ready to import to Outlook. How can you quickly upload this email? There are many methods online but I want to show you a quick and dirty way to quickly get your HTML email ready to be sent.

NB. If you use Office 365 you need to add the attach button to the quick access toolbar otherwise you won't be able to insert the HTML as a text.

Import HTML emails in Outlook 365

1. Select more commands to customize your quick access toolbar

2. Choose the 'attach' function and 'add' it to the toolbar

3. Open the 'attach a file' window from the quick access toolbar

4. Select the HTML file you need to import BUT do not click to INSERT yet

5. Switch the 'insert' button with the 'insert as a text' button and click

Outlook Email Code

Here's the magic! The HTML file will be imported and visualized properly in your email. At this point you'll just need to send it to your audience.

I hope this short guide will speed you up when working with HTML emails in Outlook 365. Cyberghost 6 key kaufen.

I'm looking forward to your comments.


Do you want to block email messages that come from specific country or region? This can be easily implemented in Microsoft Outlook using “Blocked Top-Level Domains List” feature. It can block messages from email addresses with particular top level country domain or region code. Like selecting United States option will block emails from IDs ending with US.

‘Blocked top level Domains list’ in Outlook

Insert Code Block Outlook

1. Open MS Outlook and goto ‘Delete’ group on the ‘Home’ tab.

2. Then goto ‘Junk’ and click ‘Junk email options’.

Code Block Outlook Email

3. Under ‘International’ tab click on ‘Blocked top level Domain list’.

Outlook 2016 Code Block

4. Click to select specific country or region code that you want to block.

Outlook Code Block Free

5. After making one or more country / region selection, click OK and it is all setup.