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Office 2016 Offline Activator

About KMS Activator Office 2016: KMS Auto is well-known automate universal activator for Microsoft products. It is absolutely free and legal program released by Microsoft to activate corporate products. It works on principle of KMS server emulation, after software product activated the server deleted. @echo off: title Microsoft Office 2016 Activator - simpLINnovation&cls&echo.&echo.&echo Microsoft Office 2016 Activator for FREE without any software!&echo. The Activation ID for Office 2019 is 70512334-47B4-44DB-A233-BE5EA33B914C, and the 2016 Activation ID for Office 2016 is 98EBFE73-2084-4C97-932C-C0CD1643BEA7. The result of running this command is a 36-digit installation ID. Paste the installation ID number into Notepad, and then break it up into six groups of six numbers. Microsoft Office 2016 activation script for all versions - office2016activation.bat.

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I am posting this with all my heart!!!!!


I have used many activator for activation of Microsoft Products (Windows or MS Office), and found this, KMSPico as the best activator.

I installed Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016, just have advance features proudly given by Microsoft. KMSpico was new to me. I think i should give it a chance. I downloaded KMSpico and there was 100 Percent Success. It activated all Microsoft Products, installed on my PC with just a single click. Activation was permanent and for lifetime. Even today i am still using Microsoft Office 2016 Activated by KMSpico.

It is totally clean and free from virus. Although Antiviruses detect it as a malware, but i am sure that is totally clean and secure to use.

The best advantage of KMSpico is that it has small size, just 2MB Aproxx. Requires one click to for activation. Cool is not it?

This is KMSpico 10 Final. We said this final as it is able to activate all Microsoft Products, older and latest. It can activate…….

  • Windows 10 all versions (Home, Pro and Enterprise)
  • Windows 8.1 all versions
  • Windows 8 all versions
  • Windows 7 all versions
  • Windows Vista all versions
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2007

We got two editions of KMSpico, one is KMSpico Installer Edition and other is KMSpico Portable Edition. Installer editions allows you to install it automatically on your PC. But portable Version allows you to just activate Programs. I suggest that you should use Installer Edition.

How to use KMSpico installer Edition?

  1. Disable any firewall or Antivirus Program Temporarily. (For 5 minutes only)
  2. Download and install KMSpico. Here
  3. KMSpico will run automatically (If it doesn’t, go to KMSpico Installation Directory and Run KMSELDI.exe)
  4. Press The Red Button in the KMSpico window
  5. All Microsoft Products will be activated.

How to use KMSpico Portable Edition

  1. Disable any firewall or Antivirus Program Temporarily. (For 5 minutes only)
  2. Download and Extract KMSpico Portable Archive. Here
  3. Run “AutoPico.exe”
  4. It’ll Automatically Activate Windows and Office.

Video Tutorial:

November 11, 2018

KMS Activator Microsoft office 2016: Hello everyone today we are explaining about the KMS auto activator for office 2016 it’s the new MS office 2016, and it’s the KMS Auto activator is the well know universal activator for the ms products in this we are showing the best process to activate the KMS for offices 2016 now the KMS auto able to start the any Micro-soft offices

Kms activator for Microsoft office 2016 download

KMS activate the any Microsoft offices: like 2016 and 2010, 2013 it’s the editions including VL and PRO used for the quick and long-term, and it’s the legal and free released program, and you follow the more information on the KMS Auto activator office 2016 now your read this post here we explain the simple steps to install and download this one now you follow the given details and read this article for more information ……


  1. In this KMS activator Has the many additional options
  2. Reactivates your product on the scheduler
  3. KMS activator Safe for your system and programs
  4. Activates all builds and editions of Microsoft office 2016
  5. Very easy to use this activator and Convenient
  6. Using the Microsoft activation principals
  7. Auto-activation

Download and install the KMS activator Microsoft office 2016

KMS Auto activator download link Click here…. Frozen full movie mp4 free download full.

  • Here you follow below given simple steps to download and install
  • Now your download the KMS activator office 2016
  • And the First step log in to your Office 2016 or 2010 My Account page and click it to get this software
  • After next your look for Language option and install option
  • Now, click on it
  • You can see on the next screen you click on the Additional install options
  • After that in the drop-down box you’ll see go ahead and
  • Next, you will select the Office operating systems of the 64-bit or 32-bit after selecting the installs as required.
  • Final selecting you can install the KMS Auto activator for offices 2016 on your PC

Office 2016 Offline Activator

Now you completed the process of the Auto activator KMS for Microsoft office 2016

To download new versions KMS Auto activator for windows or Microsoft office operating systems and 32 bit or 64 bit now your click the given below link

KMS Activator version 10.0.02 for download click here ….

KMS Auto activator version 1.3.5 for download click here ……

Auto activator KMS version 1.5.1 for download Click Here

Office 2016 Offline Activator Kmspico

KMS auto activator version 1.5.3 for download Click here…


Office 2016 Offline Activator With Cmd

KMS Activator Microsoft office 2016: