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Noisy Thermostatic Radiator Valves Problems


Thermostatic valve(s) fitted wrong way round - usually happens when the system stabilises - opening one valve fixes temporarily. Boiler thermostat set too high - try turning it down (not the room thermostat) Low water level caused by lack of water in the system - could be a stuck cistern valve. Hi All, I have just had complete central heating system fitted with a baxi duotec 33, 6 radiators each with a Bulldog thermostatic radiator valve fitted. The radiator in my bedroom makes a hissing sound if I turn the valve up above 3 and it's stopping me from sleeping.:angrysmile: Note that. One common cause of this is a radiator inlet valve that is not all the way open - on steam radiators the valve should be either all the way open or all the way closed. Another frequent cause of.

Knocking Noise Coming From Radiators ?

We can help you. Here are some of the causes.

This is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. Air trapped inside the radiator, or the limescale building up on the radiator metal from inside, are the two most common reasons behind this problem. Here is how you can fix a knocking noise coming from radiators.

Letting Air Out Of the Radiator


You can let the air out of the radiator by allowing it to bleed. First of all, you will have to locate the highest bleeder valve on your radiator. It looks like a hex nut with a head that has a little spout. In some cases, the nut is equipped with a special head that requires a special tool to unscrew, which can be bought in your local DIY store.

Before opening the bleed valve, turn the radiator ‘on’ for about an hour. This will ensure the system is heated up thoroughly and builds up enough pressure. Now turn the boiler ‘off’. Place a bucket directly under the bleed valve on the floor and slowly unscrew it. You will have to be very careful while doing this, as the radiator and water in it are still hot. As soon as you unscrew the valve, air, along with water starts coming out with a sputtering like sound.

After sometime, when you no longer hear a knocking noise coming from radiators and the water starts flowing smoothly, close the valve. Serial number of need for speed hot pursuit. Turn on the radiator and check for the knocking and banging sounds. If they still persist, repeat the process again.


Power Flushing

If you are still unable to resolve the problem, you may consider power flushing. This is also an easy procedure. But, due to the nature of the chemicals involved, it is recommended to hire a professional to do it for you.

First step involves loosening of all the debris and the limescales built up inside the radiator, with the help of fast flowing fresh water mixed with chemicals. Once all the sludge is loosened, it is flushed out of the radiator with some more fresh water. Power flushing ensures effective boiler performance and reduced power consumption.

Other possible reasons for the knocking noise coming from radiators

Thermostatic Radiator Control Valve

  • incorrect flow rate
  • inadequately filled feed tank
  • faulty pump
Thermostatic radiator valve pdf

Thermostatic Radiator Valve Pdf

If you are not sure of the exact reason, it is always a better idea to seek the help of a skilled professional.

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