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Affiliate Marketing

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Diversify risks by running ad campaigns through multiple ad accounts.


Diversify online retail risks by establishing multiple isolated merchant accounts on major e-commerce platforms. Cadillacs and dinosaurs rom.

Web Scraping

Multilogin approaches browser fingerprinting in a completely native way. Instead of trying to prevent websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint, Multilogin allows reading it but replaces your original fingerprint with a different one. Multilogin goes multilingual! With our latest release — Multilogin 5.1 Unity BETA, we are happy to present our first step to the app localization. The first time you launch new Multilogin 5.1. Download Multilogin for Windows PC from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure Free Download (32-bit/64-bit) Latest Version 2020.

Replace your device lab or VMs with less resource-intensive virtual browser profiles. Fast development with all browser fingerprint management tools ready to use.

Social Media Marketing

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Work in parallel with hundreds of social media profiles. Manage team members' individual access rights to profile groups.

Ad Verification

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Verify ad targeting and placement by emulating viewers with different devices and different geo-locations. Remove misleading creatives and broken links.

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Retail Price Comparison

Retailers price their products algorithmically based on visitor's geo-location, device, and browsing history. See prices through the eyes of a real visitor without being blocked or deceived.

Ad Spying

Reverse-engineer original ad campaign targeting by analyzing which ads are served to which social media profiles.

Brand Protection

Check regionally blocked resources for monitoring illegal use of your brand.

Talent Sourcing

Collect information discreetly and get in contact with job seekers and employers more effectively.

Journalism and Detective Investigation

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As a journalist or a detective, get in contact with various parties during an investigation under a disguised identity.


Run Selenium tests in LIVE environment to see how your website performs with all traffic analytics and filtering systems setups. See how content is served based on visitor specifics.

Canvas Defender is a browser add-on for Firefox that masks Canvas fingerprint.


How does it actually work?

Canvas fingerprint is the result of data transformation performed by your computer. A website sends a set of drawing instructions to your browser. Your browser transforms it into an image. Due to discrepancies in hardware and software, the resulting image produced on different machines contains minor differences. Those differences can be memorized by websites and compared to each other like fingerprints.

Canvas Defender adds a persistent “noise” to the resulting image, thus altering it and making different from what your genuine canvas fingerprint would be. This alone does not make your machine untraceable but allows to drop the fingerprint at will. More information can be found in our article “How Canvas Fingerprint Blockers Make You Easily Trackable”.

Is it enough?

This depends on your goal. Most privacy related goals require complex approach, which cannot be achieved by masking Canvas fingerprint alone.

Have a question?

Canvas Defender support is provided by Multilogin customer support team, which is available at [email protected]