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Mugen Sprites Download

Hack para nfs underground 2 pc. Green Lantern Lucario: Author: Spider Mew Origin: Pokemon (Amalgam with DC) Source: Custom Sprites: Compatibility: Mugen 1.0, WinMugen: Last Updated: Files. Characters that use sprites that are edits of another character's sprites should go in the Sprite edits category, regardless of whether the original sprites were custom or sourced. Characters with sprites that used sourced sprites as a base (meaning the sourced sprite has been redrawn or gauged to create an entirely new sprite) should go in.

  1. Mugen Goku Sprites Download
  2. Mugen Sprites Download

Standard getting hit

  • You MUST follow the numbers exactly.
  • Axes labelled 'where feet would be' should have the axis approximately between where both feet would be, if the character was made to stand with his center of gravity fixed in the same position as that required frame
  • Axes labelled 'midsection' should have the axis around the waist area
  • Axes labelled 'head' should have the axis in the middle of the character's head
  • Some numbers, such as 5000,1 to 5000,9 are for you to add intermediate frames if you choose to do so.
  • See Diagram for an example of how the sprites should approximately look and where the axes should be placed.
Mugen Sprites Download

Mugen Goku Sprites Download

5000,0Hit high while standing, head back slightlyFeet
5000,10Hit high while standing, head back moreFeet
5000,20Hit high while standing, head back farFeet
5001,0Frame 5000,0Midsection
5001,10Frame 5000,10Midsection
5001,20Frame 5000,20Midsection
5002,0Frame 5000,0Head
5002,10Frame 5000,10Head
5002,20Frame 5000,20Head
5010,0Hit low while standing, bent over slightlyFeet
5010,10Hit low while standing, bent over moreFeet
5010,20Hit low while standing, bent over farFeet
5011,0Frame 5010,0Midsection
5011,10Frame 5010,10Midsection
5011,20Frame 5010,20Midsection
5012,0Frame 5010,0Head
5012,10Frame 5010,10Head
5012,20Frame 5010,20Head
5020,0Hit while crouching, head back slightlyFeet
5020,10Hit while crouching, head back moreFeet
5020,20Hit while crouching, head back farFeet
5030,0Hit back, head back slightlyWhere feet would be if standing
5030,10Hit back, head back farWhere feet would be
5030,20Hit in stomach with body horizontalWhere feet would be
5030,30Hit back, body horizontalWhere feet would be
5030,40Falling, head down slightlyWhere feet would be
5030,50Falling, head down farWhere feet would be
5031,0Frame 5030,0Midsection
5031,10Frame 5030,10Midsection
5031,20Frame 5030,20Midsection
5031,30Frame 5030,30Midsection
5031,40Frame 5030,40Midsection
5031,50Frame 5030,50Midsection
5032,0Frame 5030,0Head
5032,10Frame 5030,10Head
5032,20Frame 5030,20Head
5032,30Frame 5030,30Head
5032,40Frame 5030,40Head
5032,50Frame 5030,50Head
5040,0Fall and hitting groundGround-level (eg. back)
5040,10Lying down on groundGround-level
5040,20Hit while lying on groundGround-level
5041,0Frame 5040,0Middle of body
5041,10Frame 5040,10Middle of body
5041,20Frame 5040,20Middle of body
5042,0Frame 5040,0Head
5042,10Frame 5040,10Head
5042,20Frame 5040,20Head
5060,0Hit up, head pointed up, body verticalWhere feet would be if standing
5060,10Head pointed down, body verticalWhere feet would be
5061,0Frame 5060,0Midsection
5061,10Frame 5060,10Midsection
5062,0Frame 5060,0Head
5062,10Frame 5060,10Head
5070,0Thrown, body tiled forwards slightlyWhere feet would be if standing
5070,10Thrown, body tiled forwards farWhere feet would be
5070,20Thrown, body horizontal, head in frontWhere feet would be
5071,0Frame 5070,0Midsection
5071,10Frame 5070,10Midsection
5071,20Frame 5070,20Midsection
5072,0Frame 5070,0Head
5072,10Frame 5070,10Head
5072,20Frame 5070,20Head

Mugen Sprites Download

ScrollBoss custom graphics 2001-2011 Custom Sprites Last Update: 2011/12/20 Sprites include: Includes nearly every sprite edit, minilogo and custom graphic made or edited by PrimeOp for the ScrollBoss site. Yes, even the crappy ones and a few secret ones I never posted. This does not include the separate sprite packs. A blog with Marvel & DC mugen characters - Loganir - Sprite edits - Thor - Wonder Woman - Sandman - She-Hulk - Electro - Bane - Mugen - Stages. ♫ And they call it, tSr, where the sprite sheets all staaaay. Welcome back to another batch of lovely sprites, everyone! I'll be the first to point out that sprites aren't exactly my thing compared to models – doesn't hurt to mix it up at least once in a while, though!