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Maxima 6 Speed Transmission

Transmission: Manual 6 Speed Color: Black Interior Color: Black Average Vehicle Review: (3.941 reviews) 2011 Nissan Versa. Simplify3d 4.1 mac crack. $8,599. 74K mi. CarMax Savannah $99 Shipping. GA to NC.

Nissan Maxima 6-Speed Manual Transmission Replacement Seals 38342-81X00 / 38342-81X01. 6 speed manual transmission: pushing in clutch became rough, thought it needed a clutch. Not so, found out that there is a transmission industry-wide known design flaw in the Nissan six speed manual transmission; three little brass rings between gears #3 & #4.

Last Updated: 09/08/2020 @ 12:31 pm

Member Credit: Sunday Ortiz & Gerson Flores


Nissan Maxima 6 Speed Manual Transmission

This is only intended for a providing a reference to the list of core parts used in the 7GM 6-Speed swap that was successfully completed by Gerson Flores & Sunday Ortiz. It’s not a how-to or step-by-step process. Please only attempt to do the swap if you are mechanically inclined and understand the Nissan FSM (Factory Service Manuals).

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2005 Nissan Maxima 6 Speed Transmission

Full Parts List:

2004 Maxima Transmission Fix

Please note that all of these items were purchased brand with the exception of a few parts (custom & discontinued parts). The total cost for all the parts below adds up to approximately $4,522.00. You may be able to find parts for much less and save money.



2005 Maxima Transmission Fix

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