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Man Splits Face Diving

A tries to jump off this dock thing and ends up slipping right as he does it, unfortunately in the process he falls awkwardly and hits his face right on the very edge of the concrete just before. And the general consensus is that the bit in the surgery later is a different man who attempted suicide with a 9mm to the chin and instead split his face in half. Probably makes sense as it seems unlikely the first video would so easily end up with the second. In short, the diver's probably dead when he reaches the water.

  1. Man Splits Face Open After Diving
  2. Man Splits Face Open

Man’s attempt to dive off a roof into a swimming pool ends very painfully when he belly flops onto the CONCRETE below

  • Risky stunt takes dark turn when part of the guttering disintegrates under him
  • He lurches headfirst over the edge and his head smashes onto concrete twice
  • It is not clear where the footage was filmed or what injuries the man suffered

Shocking footage shows a man smash his face onto concrete while trying to jump off a roof and into a swimming pool.

The risky stunt takes a dark turn when part of the guttering disintegrates under his feet and the Armenian man plunges headfirst off the edge.

He hits the ground so hard that his head bounces.

It is not clear what injuries the man suffered after the horrific accident or where exactly the toe curling clip, widely shared on social media, was filmed.

Before he makes the potentially life-changing jump, one of his friends can be seen casually chatting on a mobile phone.

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Before he makes the jump, one of his friends can be seen casually chatting on a mobile phone while the diver looks to be in high spirits on the phone Emupgrade v2 26.

The man, wearing just a pair of shorts, lurches forward from the top of the roof – seemingly aiming for the edge so he can propel himself into the pool.

Man Splits Face Open After Diving

But as the roof’s guttering collapses underneath him, he lands on all fours inches from the pool.

His head smashes against the floor and bounces upwards, before hitting it a second time as he slumps forward.

He can be seen cheering and clapping as he gets ready to make the leap from the roof and into the pool


Man Splits Face Open

Man Splits Face Diving

The clip ends as his friends rush to see if he is conscious.

Horrified social media users rushed to comment on the disturbing footage.


‘We just witnessed a life-changing event,’ wrote one.

‘It looks like he snapped his neck,’ speculated another.

However, as he jumps from the roof, there is a horrific twist and the roof’s guttering collapses, causing the man to mess up his jump

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