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Majora's Mask Rom 3ds

The Skull Kid personifies the mischief and mystery of the Lost Woods, but a cursed mask has now morphed him into something exceedingly more terrifying. When he dupes Link into entering a land called Termina, the Hero of Time faces a pressing challenge in a strange, new land: stop the moon from ending the world in three days. Don't panic! You'll have some time-twisting tunes and magical masks to help you make it to tomorrow.[metacritic]
MattKimura100% CompleteUSA19 February 2015
MattKimura100% Complete (EUR)EUR19 February 2015
Glitch100% Complete (JPN)JPN19 February 2015
Glitch100% Complete 2 (EUR)EUR19 February 2015
Luzagar100%, all maskEUR12 February 2017
PierreAfter dungeon 1EUR18 August 2015
FastplayerGame 100%USA30 March 2015
MattKimuraGame beaten, no side quests doneEUR13 February 2015
bendrrLegend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D EUR - Just After SnowheadEUR28 February 2015
bendrrLegend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D EUR - SnowheadEUR26 February 2015
MattKimuraPassed The Beginning PartsUSA14 February 2015
MattKimuraPassed The Beginning Parts (EUR)EUR11 February 2015

Download The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Update v1.1 3DS CIA for Console with Custom Firmware, an Action-Adventure game by Nintendo.


why do you offer 100 percent game…. whu the crap wants that…. just to see the credits……….i need a sabe before the Stone tower temple boss

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Para obtener la ROM decrypted, use el programa Batch CIA 3DS Decryptor.
  2. Download Legend Of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask ROM for Nintendo 64(N64) and Play Legend Of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device!
  3. Project Restoration is a Majora's Mask 3D patch that restores some mechanics from the original Majora's Mask and fixes some issues to make the game more enjoyable. Please refer to the official website at for features and setup instructions. Rationale Zora swim. In MM3D, swimming is a bit slower.
6 Dec 2018 at 02:55

Anyone have a save EU just before Great Bay Temple?

21 Apr 2018 at 14:26

hola necesito de su ayuda como le pongo la partida guardada al juego

1 Apr 2017 at 21:09

Could we get a fresh USA save that is right at the beginning with all the beginning parts included please?

21 Feb 2017 at 00:40

can you add a save right before you enter the great bay temple pls

23 Dec 2016 at 04:21

Will these saves work for the cartridge version? Ge kv2c meter wiring diagram. I have Majora's mask 3d, but it's a cartridge.

1 Jun 2016 at 21:59

@Down; everything regarding how to get these savefiles to load is explained in the FAQ. Please see

6 Aug 2015 at 16:52

Citra Majora's Mask 3d Download

Hey, I just wanted to know.. Do I need anything or just my SD card? Like can I just paste the file into my SD card? Thanks

6 Aug 2015 at 16:30

does anyone have a 100% savefile with the original game.. you know the actual emcryption that would work with sysNAND 9.9

27 Jul 2015 at 12:26

Anyone have a USA save right after completing the first temple?

19 Jun 2015 at 23:53

Sorry I forget its for zelda eur

18 May 2015 at 21:49

hello i need your help if somebody can send me or found for me a save from zelda majoras mask cia legit for my cfw 3ds because my micro sd crash and i format my sd to work again. i begin the game in the first time approximately 10% after the first fight with the majoras mask. so thanks

18 May 2015 at 19:53

Could someone upload a savegame before starting great bay temple? (FI: At the entrance). My game just freezed and I lost all my saves up until the first time I played song of time. Thanks

21 Feb 2015 at 14:06

@Skeet1983 All save files are for the .3ds version of the game, so all you really gotta do is place the .sav file on your 3DS SD card, then play the game. SaveDataFiler isn't needed to import the save unless you're trying to import it into the cia version, which MAY be possible if you know how to do it. I can be wrong, all saves that I upload are for .3ds roms, nothing else.

20 Feb 2015 at 11:15

Hey Matt, how do I use your USA 100% save with gateway? I tried to extract my save with savedatafiler, but said broken. Also was unable to import save either.. Thoughts appreciated :)

19 Feb 2015 at 15:31

@DarkShadowSwE: I'll make sure to add an option for uploaders to include the sysNAND. There is an introduction on how to use the savegames that are downloaded from this site, but that excludes savegames that are made by using GameSaveFiler. I have to read up on that myself.

19 Feb 2015 at 14:59

You should include what sysNAND that's used for gateway sins 4.X cant import 7.X+ saves. And im guessing they are dumped with gamesavefiler and maby an import guide for the other clueless ppl, :)

19 Feb 2015 at 14:52

I would choose Matt's EUR one because I realized mine is more like 99% complete. =

19 Feb 2015 at 14:18

Yeah, expected several savegames to be uploaded for this game but never expected this. Guess people really have to choose now ^^

19 Feb 2015 at 10:08

Majora's Mask Emulator Download

That is crazy! Me and Glitch literally uploaded 100% saves at the same time xD Now we got all regions 100%

19 Feb 2015 at 09:53