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Hp Functional Testing Agent For Ie

Winrar file download. HP Functional Testing provides functional and regression test automation for every major software application and environment, including advanced Web 2.0 toolkits, leading Rich Internet Application (RIA) development technologies, Web services, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

If you miss any ofthe below settings/actions it will be an issue for IE browser as this crashes or stops workingTesting
  • When only IE is running everything is ok 2. When IE is running, and in the background there is chrome browser opened UFT can't identify object. When I try to locate it on site from repository window, there appear message: The selected object cannot be found in the application.
  • The next time you launch Internet Explorer, the ability to use add-ons and extensions will be modified as desired. Note: If you have disabled extensions, the user will still be allowed to install or enable them under the Manage add-ons screen, but they will not work despite showing as “Enabled”.

1. Open “mic.ini” file from the UFT Installation path “C:Program Files (x86)HPUnified Functional Testingbin”, and the values of the section [ie_hook] should be as below and keep other values in the section as they exist:FunctionalHp functional testing agent for iep goals
Hp functional testing agent for iepexplorer.exe=yes

Hp Functional Testing Agent For Ielts


2. Make sure that “UFT IE Agent BHO” i.e. “HP Functional Testing Agent” is enabled using the below settings:

Hp Functional Testing Agent For Ie

IE menu > Tools > Manage Addons > HP Functional Testing Agent = Enabled

3. Remove the temporary files in the system

Click OK and Select all and Click on “Delete” button in the keyboard.

4. Restart UFT & IE
Hp functional testing agent for ielts

5. Now Open UFT with the Web add-in and open IE and try to record, you will get the recording done without any IE browser crash.

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