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From My Heart To The Heavens

…for my house shall be calleda house of prayer for all peoples.

isaiah (chapter 56)

According to the Jewish tradition The Holy Temple in Jerusalem is the seat of God on earth, and, the divine gate from this world to heaven.
Some of the great sages of the Talmud (ancient Jewish writings) have affirmed: “it is as if he has prayed before the throne of glory because the gateway to heaven is situated there and it is open to hear prayer.” Www mydigitallife info windows 7.

It is well known that God longs to be with his people, among them. The Holy Temple was built to create a place for god to dwell among his people, a place where his followers would come to pray and make sacrifice to ask for forgiveness for their sins.

The tradition of conversing with God through a small paper note is ancient and is dated back about 850 years when Jews would make a pilgrimage to the Western Wall to pray and deposit a written note to God.
They would pour out the deepest yearnings of their hearts, the desire for a blessing for a newborn child, the desperate plea for a cure for an illness or forgiveness for a transgression, the hopeful prayer to find their soul mate. Finally, they would deposit a blessed note from family members or friends who were unable to make the pilgrimage themselves.

FROM MY HEART TO THE HEAVENS! Search This Blog. Sunday, October 19, 2014. A NOTE TO MY HEAVENLY FATHER. A NOTE TO MY HEAVENLY FATHER. Once I was in my seemingly endless sorrow. Feeling so hopeless as if there's no tomorrow. It's like heaven shot me with its fiery arrow. Jesus Be The Center From My Heart To The Heavens Tab Highlighted Show chords diagrams This is a song that I heard for the first time at Hillsong this year, which I believe was written by Israel & one of the members of Jentezen Franklin's worship team in.

Once a week we will be going up to visit the Western Wall, depositing your prayers and blessings in the traditional manner, while raising a prayer of our own to further support your prayers and blessings.

From My Heart To The Heavens

Before we deposit your heartfelt prayer, we will send you a short clip of your words being carefully hand written and translated into Hebrew, this will give you the opportunity to project positive thoughts and visualize your deepest prayer to God, Allowing you to have a meaningful event from afar and to bring a more profound meaning and conviction to your experience. Whether in celebration, in gratitude or in desperation, your most heartfelt prayers will be carried with profound respect and urgency to the Western Wall, where generations have come at every hour to connect with God. We are grateful to be able to fulfill this mitzvah and will be honored to carry it out on your behalf.

What happens when there is no more room for notes?

The Western Wall is visited around the clock and throughout the week, the square of the Western Wall is never empty and the majority of people leave a heartfelt note behind them. Once there is no more room for additional notes, an official shaliah from the office of the Executive Rabbi of the Western Wall – The Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, collects all the notes into a few massive satchels and carries them to be buried in a traditional Jewish burial ceremony on the Mount of Olives. According to the Jewish tradition, every piece of paper that has the name of God on it, is sacred. This occurs roughly every six months.

We never ask for your full information, we value your privacy.

Traditionally, when a person uses a Shaliah (messenger in Hebrew) to place a blessed note in the Western Wall, he would give the note written in Hebrew to the Shaliah already folded and ready to be neatly tucked into the Wall, so the note is completely private. From Heart To Heaven can offer you two options.

first one: One of us will translate your note to Hebrew, sending you a short video clip of the actual writing for you to see and project your positive thoughts into the process.

Second one: We can print out your note as is without ever reading it. Allowing for maximum privacy. Please add the word Private after your name. Please note that this option does not include a personal video.

How can I be sure that my note has been actually tucked inside the wall?

From Heart To Heaven is a spiritual project. We embody the importance of filling our lives with the purpose pursuance of mitzvahs and the positive impact that we can have on the world around us. Therefore, periodically we will send out an email to our subscribers about our charitable activities. We have comprised a list of worthy charity organizations in Jerusalem and will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this venture on a monthly rotation to one of these organizations.

We are a group of young Hasidic adults who spend the majority of our day studying Talmud at a Yeshiva. In order to support this project each month one of us will be dedicating his evenings to deliver and pray for each note separately, a process that takes a few minutes, and we will not do this without a properly dedicated heart.

As a spiritual project our main focus is to spread the love of God, and one of the means to do so is charity work. With this in heart, large percentage of the proceeds each month is donated to various organizations in Jerusalem such as lonely IDF soldier organizations, low income families to help with food for Shaba’s and many others. Sending your prayers to Jerusalem through our website directly strengthens the Jewish settlement in the Holy land.Because our project is set to increase the amount of prayer notes tucked into the Western Wall, we have arranged an agreement with the Rabbi of the Wall to make a donation to the periodic cleaning of the Wailing Wall and burying arrangements of the prayer notes.

And lastly, in the near future we plan to send out a decorative glass vial with a hand written copy of your note sitting half submerged in genuine Jerusalem or Sea Of Galilee sand. A little souvenir of your prayers to God.

We wanted to create a way for the rest of the world, who are too far to travel or unable to, To be able to place their personal blessed prayer note at the Western Wall , our last remaining relic of the house of God.
As people of faith we go up to the Western Wall once a week for the evening prayer and can absolutely say that the prayer at the Western Wall feels unique every time.
From Heart To Heaven continues this ancient tradition and we are proud to offer the holy privilege of conversing with God to everyone who is unable to visit the Western wall in person.

We try embody the importance of filling our lives with the purpose pursuance of Mitzvahs and the positive impact that we can have on the world around us. Therefore we have comprised a list of worthy charity organizations in Jerusalem and will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this project on a monthly rotation to one of these organizations.

This website is the first and the only one that offers real hand written, translated or not, paper prayers notes that offers this kind of service to a non-Jewish public.

From my heart to the heavens it

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“As they say, all great dreamers have great faith. I have taken this to heart, and, every time I come to visit this place, I leave with such spiritual abundance I tell myself once a year is not enough!”
We indeed never know if God hears our prayers, or what is his plan for us on this earth, when I visit the Western Wall and place my note inside the wall I feel so close to God, and it fills me with hope for a bright future.”
“Such an amazing service. Thank you for the opportunity to raise a prayer in a special place like the Western Wall. It’s not easy to travel at my age.”

From My Heart To The Heavens Jesus Be The Center Its All About You

From My Heart To The Heavens
“I came to pray for my father, who had gone through a bad car wreck and was hospitalized for a few months, after I raised a prayer and placed my written note, I felt so much hope”

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“You couldn’t say I am a spiritual person, but my parents are. When I had a business trip to Israel my father asked that I place a note he had given me. I didn’t tell him when I placed it there, but he knew the next day… Incredible.”