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Free Augmented Reality Creator

Augmented Reality for Android Build your custom designed Augmented Reality App with UniteAR’s AR App Creator. Download your release ready App and publish it on your play store account. Let the customers download your Augmented Reality App. Augmented reality apps are becoming widely used and accessible nowadays. Don’t be the last to reap the benefit. Creating an AR app is no arcane art. And we’ve proven, everyone can cope – from beginners to professionals. What’s your next step? Set your imagination free and envision how augmented reality technology can empower your business. Augmented reality pattern marker generator: This online tool creates the Augmented Reality (AR) pattern marker files (.pat) used by the ARToolkit, NyARToolKit and FLARToolkit. Print out a single marker or multiple markers on a single sheet of paper and hold it in front of your webcam. With the Overly step-by-step augmented reality creator, you can bring never-before-seen value to existing visuals. From enticing to exciting, to educational. Modern, thrilling. A new unexpected experience. The future is here – create your own augmented reality experiences Forget paying an arm and a leg for custom-built AR. Roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, our easy step-by-step tool will help you bring your visuals to life.

This online tool creates the Augmented Reality (AR) pattern marker files (.pat) used by the ARToolkit, NyARToolKit and FLARToolkit. Print out a single marker or multiple markers on a single sheet of paper and hold it in front of your webcam. This tool will genenerate a single pattern file (.pat) or a zip file containing multiple pattern files.
The pattern files are just plain text files loaded by the above mentioned toolkits so that it knows what markers to track in the video stream.
  1. Webcam attached to your PC or laptop
  2. One of the following browsers installed:
    • Firefox 2.0 or higher
    • MSIE 6.0 or higher
    • Safari 3.0 or higher
    • Chrome 0.3 Beta or higher

How this online AR pattern maker generator works:
  1. Click the 'Allow' button in the Adobe Flash Player Settings to enable access to your webcam.
  2. Open Mode Select and choose: Camera mode
  3. Open Marker Segments and choose how may segments your marker consists of. Most used is 16x16.
  4. Move the slider and choose the marker size. Most used is 50%.
  5. Hold your printed marker in front of your webcam so that it appears square and as large as possible on the screen until a red line encloses the marker(s).
    If a marker is detected the 'Get Pattern' button is enabled.
  6. Press the 'Get Pattern' button and the marker with the green square is shown in the 'Preview Marker' window.
  7. In this window check if the marker is clearly displayed, if not change the marker size.
  8. In the Preview Window the following buttons can be selected:
    • Prev / Next - change to next marker ( if applicable)
    • Delete - exclude current previewing marker from generating its pattern file
    • Save All - create all pattern files for all markers and save as a zip file
    • Save Current - create pattern file for current previewing marker and save as .pat
    • Cancel - close the 'Preview Marker' window

Augmented reality pattern marker generator input

Additional information

Do you dread hearing 'I'm bored' from your kids?

If you are looking for a boredom buster at home, work or outings, here is just the thing for you - a quick on-the-go treasure hunt creator and player. Turn any space into a fun playground with Gamar's AR treasure & egg hunt creator and start making fond memories.

Here are three different ways you can play Egg hunts and Treasure hunts on Gamar.

A. Setup a FREE Easter Egg Hunt for children at home

Free Augmented Reality Creator

For everyone staying at home during the lockdown, looking to give your children a fun Easter weekend, we have created this FREE #AugmentedReality Easter Egg Hunt.

3 simple steps to set up an Augmented Reality #EasterEggHunt at your home for children, click here FREE Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt for Spring 2020

Click here and print the PDF from this link

B. Create lots of quick Treasure Hunts and Egg hunts(remember they don't get saved)

The point of a treasure hunt is to hide clues that lead to a treasure. But what if you were able to hide the treasure in plain sight? An augmented reality treasure hunt lets you hide treasure anywhere! (so long as it’s immobile..) Create a treasure hunt around your home or garden.

Gamar’s AR treasure hunt is a quick, easy (and free!) way to create a fun activity for kids or a scavenger hunt for anyone.

Free augmented reality creator

Treasure in plain sight - Hide treasure anywhere!

Just follow these five simple steps to create your own treasure hunt:

1. Download the Gamar app

The Gamar app is available to download for Apple or Android devices. To get to the treasure hunt creator, open the app. On the home screen, you will see all the locations where Gamar has AR trails available. From the home screen, select the + button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Tap to pick a coin or an egg

2. Hide an augmented reality coin

You can select from 8 coin designs to pick which virtual treasure you would like to hide. Once you’ve chosen the coin you would like to hide, point your device at an immobile, preferably flat, surface.


Choose from 8 coins or eggs

The ‘tap to hide’ button will pulse on the right of your screen if you can hide a coin on a surface that you are pointing at.

To hide coins, point to an immobile, preferably flat surface

3. Write your clues

Once you’ve found the perfect hiding place, write a clever clue for your friends.

Leave clues for your friends

4. Complete your treasure hunt

Free Augmented Reality Creator Pc

Hide at least two coins in your treasure hunt. You can hide up to eight coins and create a trail for your friends to follow.

Hide at least 2 coins in the trail

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5. Pass your game to a friend to find the treasure

Pass your phone to a friend and let them follow your trail and collect the treasure. Once they’ve collected all the treasure, ask them to create a treasure hunt for you to follow.

All the hidden treasure has been found

This is a taster of an awesome AR Treasure hunt. Check out 5 places you can have fun with an Augmented Reality Egg hunt/ Treasure hunt. This FREE AR taster app is available within the Gamar app when you tap + button on the bottom right hand corner of the Gamar app home screen.

Download the Gamar app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Bear in mind, in order to save your treasure hunts and share it with more than one device, you need to create Treasure hunts using the Gamar platform - more details below.

C. Save your hunts with Gamar's Personal or Organisation Plan

Free Augmented Reality Creator

Depending on who you are creating the AR Treasure hunts and fun AR trails for, there is a plan just for you.

WithGamar's Organisation or Personal plan, you can create longer trails, add custom interactive animations and more exciting minigames, quizzes, puzzles & activities to take fun to the next level.

See below for a detailed video of the step-by-step guide on creating AR Treasure hunts on Gamar:

Free Augmented Reality Creator Games

Free Augmented Reality Creator Tutorial

Free Augmented Reality Creator Software

Gamar is being used and enjoyed in many wonderful ways at Schools, Universities, Museums, Art galleries, Parks, Cathedrals, Castles, Swimming pools, Historic Houses, Libraries, Events & Conferences, Family days, Fundraising events - check out a few videos here. On a personal level, Gamar is being used to create birthday hunts and Treasure hunts for fun family get togethers.

We hope you also find great joy in creating and playing on Gamar.