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Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition

File Format
NameFamily Tree Maker
  • Electronic File Formats
    • Genealogical data
      • Family Tree Maker
Extension(s).ftm, .ftmb, .ftmm, .ftmd, .ftw, .fbk
PRONOMfmt/1352, fmt/1353
Wikidata IDQ20643957

Family Tree Maker Starter Edition is a free downloadable version of the Family Tree Maker program. In the Starter Edition, some features that allow you to share and export data may be disabled immediately or after a short trial period. If you have backups of your Legacy 8 family files before they were opened and converted to the new Legacy 9 format then follow these steps: 1. Uninstall Legacy 9 browsing to DocumentsLegacy Family TreeAppData and delete the entire AppData folder. Next browse to C-DriveProgram Files(X86)Legacy and delete the entire Legacy Folder. I've got the 2005 starter edition of Family Tree Maker which I bought years ago from PC World when I was just starting out. It seemed like a rip-off at the time, that I would pay for a product only to have certain parts of it locked out until I had paid some more, but I only really used the FTM program so I've just lived with it. Make sure Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition is installed on your Windows PC (see the Installation of Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition section of this docu- ment). Open Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition, and then click the Open Existing but- ton or choose Open from the File menu. 3 Family Tree Maker Migration Guide.

Family Tree Maker is genealogy software for Windows & Mac. Originally developed by Banner Blue Software, was purchased by Broderbund in 1995. Versions 1-2 were under the Banner Blue title. Versions 3-4 under Broderbund. Versions 5-7 under The Learning Company, then from versions 7.5 to 2014. Ancestry sold product to MacKiev in 2014.

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File format

An encrypted SQLite database is used for version ??

.FTW format is based on the 'OLE2' document container format. All FTW files contain a file within the OLE container call 'GENERAL.DB'. Version of software used to write the file is at byte 4 followed by the following ascii string. 'File Format (C) Copyright 1993 Banner Blue Software Inc. - All Rights Reserved'

file extension by version

  • Family Tree Maker versions 1 - 2 for Mac (.*FTMD or *.FTMM)
  • Family Tree Maker DOS versions 1 – 4 (*.FTM) 1989-1995
  • Family Tree Maker Windows versions 1 – 4 (*.FTW, *.FBK) 1993-1997
  • Family Tree Maker versions 5 - 16 (*.FTW or *.FBK) 1998-2006[1]
  • Family Tree Maker 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014 for Windows (*.FTM, *.FTMB (Zip compressed FTM))
  • Family Tree Maker 3 for Mac (*.FTM, *.FTMB)
  • Family Tree Maker 2010 and 2012 for Mac (*.FTMM, *.FTMD)
  • Classic Family Tree Maker Files (*.ftw)



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In this blog you will learn how to upgrade an old FTM. Family Tree Maker 1995 and Family tree maker 2005 is not easy to upgrade. Read this blog and you will be able to get this done.

First thing you need to do is to purchase new version of family tree maker 2017 or 2019 so you can install it. (A newer version of family tree maker 2019 is upcoming so
you need to decide if you want to wait or you want to get FTM17).

Let’s learn How to upgrade an old FTM?

You need to go to in order to purchase this software. You may get a discounted price if you contact MacKiev.

How to install Family Tree Maker?

Please follow the link – Click here so you can buy.

How to import old family tree maker file to new version of its software?

Please follow the steps below so you can upgrade your software.

1st – Open old FTM.

Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition

2nd – Click on file.

3rd – Click on back-up and restore.

4th – Now you need to choose the location to save
this file.

5th – go to you new family tree maker software.

6th – click on file.

7th click on open or you can click on browse.

8th select the file you want to open.


This is How to upgrade an old FTM, you have your family tree file opened and now you can start working on it. New FTM 17 has more feature than you had in 1995 version or 2005 version. If you are not able to understand the software, then you should read blogs or read companion guide and follow the steps. Download wall la buton f1 cs 1.6 girlshare.

There are other ways to do it as well. If you do not have old software but you have backed up your information that mean you will have to install the 2005 starter edition which is free provided by

If you do find difficulties installing the software, you can call our Family Tree Maker support +1-888-299-3207 and get on of technician to do everything for you. Please do take a note, we are premium support and we charge for our services. We do not have any relationship with or Please read our terms and conditions before you take our services.

Family Tree Maker 2005 Starter Edition Free

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