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Genre: Family / Lifestyle / Kick Ass /
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Oct 01, 2001 El Clon (The Clone) is a. In the beggining of the story Lucas is a happy adolescent, romantic, full of projects. (221 episodes) 45 min (250 episodes).

El Clon (The Clone) is a Spanish-language telenovela released in 2010, produced by the U.S.-based television network Telemundo, the Colombian network Caracol. You may also try this method to download Telemundo TV series with this method Telemundo Downloader - Download Videos from I have tried it.


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  • Season 1

El Clon
1 Season, 20 Episodes

Feb 15, 2010 El Clon is a Spanish-language telenovela released in 2010, produced by the U.S.-based television network Telemundo, the Colombian network Caracol Television and the Brazilian network Globo. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. PROPIEDAD DE TELEMUNDO.

Network: Canal 13 (BR)

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Runtime: 45 Minutes

El Clon Episodes Summary

Premiere: October 01, 2001

Genre:Family / Lifestyle / Kick Ass / Outdoors/Wildlife / Romance/Dating / Dance / Religion

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El Clon is an American television series created by Brazilian writer Glória Perez, and is broadcast by Telemundo. The following is a character list for the Telemundo telenovela El Clon (Hispanic Version).

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast in order of appearance[edit]

Original main cast[edit]

Mauricio OchmannLucas Ferrer[1]Protagonist in love with Jade, Diego's twin, Leonardo's son,
Diego Ferrer [1]Lucas' twin
Osvaldo DanielLucas' clone, in love with Jade
Sandra EcheverríaJade Mebarak[2]Protagonist in love with Lucas. Has a daughter with Said.
Saul LisazoLeonardo Ferrer[3]Father of Lucas and Diego, in love with Cristina
Roberto MollAugusto Albieri[4]Fertilization scientist, Godfather of Diego Ferrer, created Daniel
Geraldine ZivicChristina Miranda[5]On and off relationship with Leonardo, had a one night stand with Diego
Andrea LópezMarisa AntonelliWas interested with Diego but later became the wife of Lucas
Juan Pablo RabaSaid HashimBrother of Mohamed and Nazira, Ex-Husband of Jade. Has a daughter with Jade
Daniel LugoAli Rashid[6]Uncle of Jade and Latiffa, Albieri's friend
Lucy Martínez TelloMamá RosaNanny of Diego, Lucas and Natalia
Carlos Barbosa RomeroAbdulUncle of Mohammed, Nazira and Said
Luz Estella LuengasZoraidaMaid and housekeeper of Ali, helps Jade frequently
Mijail Mulkay BordonMohamed HashimBrother of Said and Nazira, Husband of Latiffa
Andrea MontenegroNazira HashimElder sister of Mohamed and Said
Carla Evelyn GiraldoLatiffa[7]Cousin of Jade, Mohamed's wife,
Pedro TelemacoOsvaldo MedinaOn and off boyfriend of Dora
Indhira SerranoDora Encarnación PadillaSurrogate mother of Daniel
Abel RodríguezEnrique 'Ricky' MonsalveLeonardo's best friend, lawyer
Alexander RodríguezJulioAlbieri's assistant
Estefanía GómezVictoria 'Vicky'Dora's and Christina's best friend

Special participations in order of appearance[edit]

Roberto ManriqueAlejandro 'Snake' CortesNatalia's boyfriend, a boxer
Laura PericoNatalia Ferrer AntonelliDaughter of Lucas and Marisa, in love with Alejandro
Gary ForeroPabloAlejandro's friend and trainer, works at the gym
Liliana GonzalezClaraRaul's wife, Fernando's mother, receptionist at Leonardo's office
Cristian TappanRaul EscobarClara's husband, Fernando's father, works at Albieri's lab
Victoria GongoraLuciawife of Roberto, mother of Andrea, Obsessed with her husband
Didier van der HoveRobertoHusband of Lucia, father of Andrea, works for Leonardo
Linda Lucia CallejasDoña Gloriamother of Alejandro, owner of Gloria's
Sara CorralesKarla PerezHilda's daughter, Alejandro's ex-girlfriend
Luly BossaDoña HildaKarla's mother
Tiberio CruzZeinfriend of Said, owner of a new club called 'Salamandra', New husband of Jade
Adriana RomeroLuisaSecretary and wife of Albieri
Sandra BeltránAlicia'niece' of Luisa, works at Albieri's clinic, Raul's girlfriend
Majida IssaRaniasecond wife of Said
Mara EcheveryDr. Silvia Valenciaworked in Albieri's clinic, Good friend of Dora
Naren DaryananíMicheal Gonzalezowner of the gymnasium
Carlos J. VegaNajibNazira's husband-to-be (one episode only)

Secondary cast in order of appearance[edit]

Carmen Marina TorresDoña Estella Cardonamother of Dora
Juan David AgudeloFernando Escobarson of Raul and Clara, Andrea's and Natalia's best friend
Monica UribeAndrea del Valledaughter of Roberto and Lucia
Valeria ChagüíKhadijaDaughter of Jade and Said
Daniela BarriosSamiraDaughter of Mohammed and Latiffa
Santiago SanchezAminSon of Mohammed and Latiffa
Jairo Andres GuereroRamonWorks at Gloria's
Fernando PereaMiguelOsvaldo's friend, works at the bar
Nini Yohana PabonCarollawyer, Enrique's girlfriend
Lina UrueñaSumayacousin of Zamira, Amin and Khadija
Jeimy RamirezAnitaLuisa's friend, replaced Alicia at Albieri's clinic
Herman SanchezPedroPablo's friend at the gymnasium, Vicky's boyfriend
Diana MendozaDianaPablo's friend at the club
Leonardo AcostaRogelioChristina's old friend, works for Zein
Santiago GomezCarlosZamira's boyfriend
Paula BarretoAmalia SantosLeonardo's girlfriend
Guillermo VillaPadre AndresAlbieri's friend
Juliana PossoAminaRania's sister
Andrea RibellesPaula Acostafriend Fernando and Natalia, a drug addict
Magdiel RojasNormafriend of Cristina, Dora and Vicky
Sandra HuertasKarimaone of Ali’s maids
Omar Antonio GonzalesJaimedriver of The Ferrers
Juan Jacob Isazaworker at Ali’s house
Antonio JimenezMartinezpolice officer
Fabio Enrique CameroPelaezPolice Inspector
Alfonso RojasArmando RamosDetective
Juan Manuel DiazFelipe Manriqueson of Raul's friend
Claudia TorresConsueloFriend of Karla and Hilda, cleaner of Del Valle's house
Consuelo MoureLucas' friend at the beach
Zoraida DuqueJade's mother
Carolina Ramos
Eliana Salazar
Yaneth Aldana
Angie Acuesta
Nicolas Nuñez
Veronica RamirezMarinamaid at Ferrer's
Edwin Chavarriaga
Daniel Santos
Caterine Galindo
Juan Carlos Restrepo
Alfredo EsperEnrique's consultant
Cristina GarciaMarianSaid's housekeeper
Rocio MoraRosarioHilda's friend, cleaner at del Valle's
Santiago Miniño
Carolina Vasco
Luis GaleanoAlejandro's competitor in the boxing competition
Walter Silva
Juan Carlos Perez
Olga Lucia RojasDora's gynecologist
David Cantorguy 1 at the rehabilitation clinic
Rafael Riveraguy 2 at the rehabilitation clinic
Luced Bernuizgirl 1 at the rehabilitation clinic
Julia Maringirl 2 at the rehabilitation clinic
Henry Prieto
Leonardo FlorezJade's doctor
Julio Cesar Gaviria
Juan Sebastian TibataJamilBoy at Khadija's party
Alejandro Garcia
Mauricio Goyenechedrug dealer
Felipe VallejoJuandrug dealer
Maria Luisa Castrowoman robbed by Paula
Fernando CorredorNatalia's doctor
Julio SuarezClara's guard
Orlando BonellVillegas
Jesus OspinaYasser
Jordana Issasister of Majida IssaZulaikhadaughter of Yasser, from Lebanon
Isabella MirandaAimeeKhadijah's friend
Edilberto RiveraFaridLatiffa's cousin
Ingrid Sarmiento
Soledad RodriguezDora's lawyer
Miguel Carballorobbery planner
Patricia CasaliniPaula's mother
Ricardo SaldarriagaAnibal MontanerJudge in Daniel's case
Wilson Gomezdebtor in episode 177
Edgar Durandrug dealer in episode 177
Javier CardozoNatalia's doctor
Martha CalderonKhadijah's nanny
Mauro UrquijoMarisa's new boyfriend
Maria Isabel ArangoFernando's Judge
Johara VazquezMonicaEnrique's daughter
Daniel DiazRicardoEnrique's son
Pedro RendonAurelioAlicia's ehusband

Theme songs[edit]

'El Velo Del Amor'[edit]

As the opening theme[1]


  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'

'Ana Baddy'[edit]

Theme for Jade and Lucas


  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'

'Laily Lail'[edit]

Theme for Jade and Said


  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'
  • Carol Samaha (Arabic singer)

'Quedate Conmigo'[edit]

Theme for Leonardo and Christina


  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'

'Habibi Kilo Kilo'[edit]

Theme for Mohamed and Latiffa


  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'

'Ma Titrikny'[edit]

Random theme


  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'

'Amor Verdadero'[edit]

Dance theme


  • Maury Rodriguez


Theme for Nazira, Samira, Amin and Khadija


  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'

'Yo Quiero Mas'[edit]

Random Theme


  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'
  • Malikah
  • Gerson


Adaptation and screenplay

  • Roberto Stopello
  • Sandra Velasco

Art direction

  • Gabriela Monroy

Costume designer

  • Manuel Guerrero


  • Alfredo Salamanca


  • Margarita Castilla

Graphic Design

  • Franyell Pinto
  • Claudia Rodriguez
  • David Durán


  • Gilberto Castillejo
  • Jorge Parra

VP of Talent

  • Joshua Mintz

Writers Department Director:

  • Roberto Stopello

Photography direction

  • Eduardo Carreño
  • Alfredo Zamudio

Camera directors

  • Cesar Contreras
  • Felipe Sastoque


  • Hector Cardona Jr.


  • Alba Merchan Hamann

Original music

  • Nicolas Uribe
  • Oliver Camargo
  • Jose Carlos Maria

Opening theme 'El Velo Del Amor' performed by

  • Mario Reyes 'The Gipsy Man'
  • Sandra Echeverria

Production chief

  • Andres Santamaria


  • Mauricio Cruz
  • Agustin Restrepo

Executive producer

  • Hugo Leon Ferrer[8]

Original Story Written by

Production of

El Clon Full Episodes Telemundo En Vivo

Screenplay and original format

Produced for

Crew trivia[edit]

El Clon shares the same crew with other Telemundo-RTI productions such as Te Voy a Enseñar a Querer, La Tormenta, Zorro, La Traición, Doña Bárbara and Bella Calamidades.

El Clon Full Episodes Telemundo Capitulos


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