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Ds3 Ar Calculator

In this post I’ll be presenting the canonical way to calculate AR (along with giving you all of the scaling data you need). In a subsequent post I’ll go over how the scaling and saturation values can be extracted from the game’s files.

Credit: a lot of this post expands on info originally posted by rbfrosty on Reddit. The ability to mine the scaling data found in the spreadsheet listed in this post is thanks in large part to the work done by monrandia and pireax.

Attack Rating

Dark Souls Weapon Calculator

Weapon Attack Rating Calculator. In my current playthrough 16 STR 33 DEX with Sharp Astora GS gives me about 420+ AR, and on this calculator it only gives you about 330+ AR. And iirc, Astora GS has never been nerfed or buffed drastically since the game was released. Don't use this calculator. Dark Souls 3 Character Planner includes stats, weapons attack with buffs calculator, spells and items attack calculators, all equipment effects, search optimal class and optimal armor. 1: A damage calculator. It does most of the work for you. On the attacker's side: Input the result of multiplying your AR with a motion value (for each type). On the defender's side: Input your opponent's defense and absorption (for each type). 2: A nearly completed list of weapon motion values (MV).

First off, a quick definition of AR. AR stands for “Attack Rating” and it’s what the Soulsborne community has taken to calling your weapon’s total damage. It’s just the value that gets displayed on your stats screen, as shown below:

The Formula

Note: this formula only calculates AR for fully upgrade weapons. Calculating for different upgrade levels is outside of the scope of this post.

In order to scare you as much as possible I’m going to start with the final horrifying formula:

Before you run off screaming just know that once we break it down it won’t seem quite so bad.

A simplified version of the formula is as follows:

The basic formula for the scaling bonus for a particular damage type is:

Now things start to get fun. The weapon coefficient is the multiplier that is determined by your weapon’s scaling and your level in the corresponding stat. Keep in mind that the scaling letters don’t have consistent scaling values. i.e., two weapons that have a strength scaling of “C” do not necessarily have the same scaling multipliers.

Ds3 ar calculator

Weapon coefficients are calculated as:

These are set values for each weapon and stat type. They can be found on this spreadsheet that will be discussed in more depth below. Keep in mind that those values are percentages while this formula expects the decimal value – thus, you’ll need to divide them by 100.

These can sort of be thought of as the “percentage” of the total potential AR of a weapon. These are set values for each level in the corresponding stat. This is where the increase in AR from leveling up actually comes from (and also how the “diminishing returns” are calculated.)

The fun part, however, is there isn’t just one set of saturation values – there are actually 11. Which one you use is determined by the weapon, infusion, and damage type. These are all included in the spreadsheet mentioned above (and we’ll go more in depth in the example section). Keep in mind that those values are percentages while this formula expects the decimal value – thus, you’ll need to divide them by 100.

Some damage types are affected by more than one stat, physical damage being one of them. This means we actually have to factor in the bonus damage received from each relevant stat. Physical damage is normally modified by strength, dex, and luck (for weapons with luck scaling). The formula is:

Blessed Weapons, Anri’s Straight Sword, Saint Bident, Lothric’s Holy Sword, Wolnir’s Holy Blade, and Morne’s Great Hammer also receive physical damage from Faith scaling:

Magic is only affected by Intelligence:


The one exception is the Golden Ritual Spear which receives Magic Damage from Faith Scaling:

Fire is affected by Intelligence and Faith: Carx drift racing 2 apk.

Lightning is affected by Faith:

Dark is affected by Intelligence and Faith:

I realize this all feels like quite a mess by now, so an example should help clear things up a bit.

Let’s calculate the AR for a +10 Dark Falchion with the following stats: 15 str, 17 dex, 40 int, 35 faith.

First off, let’s pop open the scaling data spreadsheet to get our base damages:

Damage TypeDamage

This means our total base damage is:

Our Physical bonus would be:

To get our strength coefficient, we need to find the “strength scaling coefficient” and the “physical saturation”. Going back to the spreadsheet we’ll find that the strength coefficient for the Dark Falchion is 30.

For the saturation value, we look at the Physical column in the Saturation Curves section. We’ll see that we want curve 0. So, we open the “Saturation Curves” tab. From there, we find the Level 15 (15 is our current strength) column for the Curve Index - 0 row – this gives us 19.80409249.

We follow a similar pattern for the dex coefficient, this time getting 54 for our scaling coefficient and 23.24584203 for our saturation (this was the value in the Level 17 column in the Curve Index - 0 row):

The weapon does not have any Luck or Faith Scaling, so we skip them (but if it did, the pattern would be the same).

Given that the Dark Falchion has no Magic, Fire, or Lightning damages, we can skip those (but if it did, we’d just follow the same pattern above, but for the correct stat and damage types).


The Dark bonus would be:

Our int scaling coefficient is 77 and the saturation value is 75 (the “Level 40” column for stat curve 0):

Ds3 Ar Calculator With Buffs

The faith coefficient is 77 and the saturation value for level 35 in curve 0 is 66.55058206:

This gives us:

Now we can calculate our total AR:

Since Dark Souls rounds down, our final AR is 437! This matches up with the value Mugenmonkey displays. Keep in mind that there’s potential room for rounding or floating point precision errors, so there’s always the small possibility that your final value may be 1 off from the in game value.

AR isn’t too complex once you have all the necessary data. All of this information is out there, but I wasn’t aware of any single location that had all of the neccessary formulas AND data. Hopefully this will help somebody, or at the very least be interesting!