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Do Not Detain List

A do not detain order is law enforcement's way of letting you know that they're not interested in pursuing any minor charges If you are on the Do Not Detain list, take advantage of it! BTW, there already are some people who used injunction to be put on the DO NOT DETAIN list, so that when a cop pulls them over, he sees 'do not detain' in his car computer, and has no choice but to leave them go. State Injunction (Do NOT Stop & Detain): Mississippi $ 65.00 Add to cart; Consultation with Chief Joshua Aaron Bey $ 65.00 – $ 400.00 Select options; Obtaining a CDL: The.Private Way. $ 50.00 – $ 60.00 Select options; State Injunction (Do NOT Stop & Detain): California $ 65.00 Add to cart.

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I wonder if someone is not arrested when otherwise should have been, does that mean they are under investigation, or could someone else at the residence be under investigation

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It's possible, but there is not enough information provided here to give an accurate response.

Do Not Detain List
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It can mean a number of things, not just where your wondering takes you.

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Dear GJ:
I have seen the police do what you describe in situations when they are completing a larger scale drug investigation and the person detained and let go is a smaller part of it. That person was later arrested or issued a Simmons to go to court and charged when the investigation was complete.

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Do Not Stop Do Not Detain List

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