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A gang where the dankest memes are made, only for surreal people. Lead by the 'lord' avishay, it is nearly impossible for a meme to be accepted as it must be the dankest out there.
It's the illuminati on the meme world. there's no insight into DMG from the outside world as there is limited talk. The only way in is to be added by an existing member.
First rule of DMG is not to talk about DMG.
Person 1: 'hey bro look at this dank meme'
Person 2: 'ha I love hitler too, where did you get this from?'
Person 1: 'just seen it thought you'd like it' *DMG for life*

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'Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!'
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Dmg urban dictionary
dmg is shorthand for the word damage.
Used a lot in MMORPGs.
Dmg urban dictionary crossword
by Dave Elliott January 11, 2005
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AKA Dank Memes Gang. They think they're 4chan levels of dank, but it's a facebook group.
Some background: the Dank memes gang is, as previously mentioned, a facebook group for posting memes. Oddly enough they consider themselves to be dank, but as someone who has been on the group since early this year their comedy has gone from little to none.
Perhaps it used to be funny but it's basically just edgy jokes with no substance. While edgy jokes can be used well, repeating the same bloody 'black people are slaves' joke or the 'muslims are terrorists' joke gets old. Once again, this format and these jokes in particular can be funny, but they just aren't when repeated so much. I've seen picnic blankets with less predictable patterns.
And the videos that get posted there? Not funny. Only a few are, and they're all stolen from ya boy dolan dark. The rest are either just mocking someone's appearance in a really unfunny way or overusing bass boost.
Overall, what I can say about the dank memes gang is this: they take good ideas and run them into the ground. They're beating dead horses left right and centre. Nobody cares about your 32767th holocaust meme. Stop it.
Do you want good memes? Go find them on 4chan. If you're not inclined to sift through all the garbage, you can try reddit. Anything's better than a facebook group, christ.
Friend 1: Hey guys, look at this meme I found on the DMG (Dank memes gang)
Friends: Haha nice
Some time passes
Friend 1: Hey, look at this other meme I found!
Friend 2: Look man, it was funny the first time but the 'edgy' memes are kinda stale already
Friend 1: You're all normies who don't appreciate good memes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friend 2: We look at better memes than you, we're just fed up with the same joke 24/7
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Dmg is a dominant partner to a submissive partner
I'm sorry Dmg I won't do it again please don't punish me.
What's my name 'Daddy Master God '
Please Dmg please dont.
by B & Bam August 14, 2020
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