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Detective Conan Hindi Episodes Online

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If u do like the video than pls like it and do subscribe my channel Thanks for watching this video #Detectiveconaninhindi #caseclosedcartoon #animeinhindi. The man shows Conan a sketch of the scene he witnessed, and Conan notices that in the sketch, the diver is wearing earrings, and the victim doesn't have pierced ears. Detective Conan Episodes in Hindi (Hungama TV) Reviewed by Unknown on 00:42:00 Rating: 5. If you have contacts in Nick India, maybe they can help. I knew a guy who contacted Hungama to get Detective Conan Hindi episodes. 2 points 1 day ago. Wait who is that guy and where are those episodes.

Season 1
Episode 1: The Big Shrink
EpisodeA man is murdered during a party and the detective Jimmy Kudo is called to solve the case. He reveals that the host is the murderer and solves the case. Jimmy and his friend, Rachel Moore then take a trip to an amusement park. While they are there a man is decapitated during a roller coaster ride. Jimmy reveals the murderer to be the man's ex-girlfriend, Haley. He shows that Haley used her necklace made of piano wire and a hook in her purse, looped the wire around the victim's neck and hooked the wire onto the roller coaster tracks during the ride. Haley explains that the victim broke up with her and she had planned a murder suicide. After solving this case Jimmy follows two suspicious men in black from the roller coaster case and watches them make a clandestine deal. Jimmy is attacked from behind by the two men and forced to take a newly developed poison that should kill him.
Episode 2: The Kidnapped Debutante
Jimmy wakes up and finds that he is now in the body of a young child as a result of the poison. After proving his identity to Professor Agasa and explaining the conditions under which he was poisoned he decides that he must remain undercover so that the men in black will not find him and try to kill Jimmy and his friends. Jimmy takes on the name 'Conan Edogawa' and is placed in the care of Rachel and her father, Richard Moore who owns a detective agency and will allow him to gather information on the men in black clothes. That night, Richard receives a case to find a man's kidnapped daughter, Michelle. Conan drops subtle hints for Richard leading him to conclude that Mr Aso, the butler, 'kidnapped' Michelle. Richard receives a phone call stating that Michelle has been kidnapped again. Conan follows the clues from the phone call and locates her again. Once the kidnapper is arrested, Michelle reveals that she asked Aso to fake her kidnapping in an effort to draw her father away from work so that he would spend time with her. The father asks Aso to arrange a vacation for Michelle and himself. Richard, happy with his success in solving a difficult case, allows Conan to stay with his family.
Episode 4: Fish Marks the Spot
After visiting an exhibit on hidden treasures Conan and his friends find a piece of paper with symbols and the word 'Oro' written on it. A treasure hunt ensues but does not discover much. Conan, initially not interested in the children's treasure hunt finally realizes that the paper is a treasure map after learning that 'Oro' means gold in Italian. That night, Conan determines that the symbols refer to neon light signs on buildings. Following the clues they find gold coins hanging from the ceiling of an abandoned building. Three men have been following the kids. With Conan's quick thinking, they capture the men. The three men are Mafia members and the gold was hidden from them by a traitorous accomplice. Later, Amy gives Conan a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for saving them while Mitch and George stare jealously.
Episode 5: The Time Bomb Express
On a cross country train, Conan comes across two sketchy men that might be connected to the night of his big shrink! To make matters worse, the hoods are packing a bomb!Detective Conan Hindi Episodes Online
Episode 21: The Disappearing Act
Amy is walking home when she sees lights on in an old abandon house where an unsolved murder occurred several years ago. She convinces the Junior Detective League to sneak in and explore the house. George and Mitch suddenly disappear. Conan and Amy follow an old woman down a hidden stairs and find a caged man. Conan's postulates that the man is the son of the murdered man and is being held against his will by his mother. She refuses to let him confess to the police. Conan manages to persuade the mother that her son, Abraham, wants to confess for his crime rather than live with the guilt. Abraham turns himself in the next day along with his mother. George and Mitch are found sleeping outside. Later, the Junior Detective League decides to investigate another haunted house which actually belongs to Jimmy.
Episode 22: Lights, Camera.. Murder

Detective Conan Free Online

Yoko Okino is starring in a television drama and invites Richard, Rachel, and Conan to watch the filming. The camera man, Mario, is murdered and his dying message in kanji spells 'Shrinegod'. Conan observes that some of the words are dry while others are wet. The dry strokes spell 'Ringo', the name of one of the actors. Ringo confesses that he changed the message, but only to avoid suspicion for murdering Mario. Conan further realizes that the name was altered before Ringo changed it. The real name is under Ringo's. Through Richard, Conan reveals that the real message left behind is 'Tina'. He claims that when Tina killed Mario, she did not notice the dying message. When her husband, Jerumia, spotted the message while searching for her and changed it to frame Ringo. Tina confesses that she murdered Mario because he blackmailed her. She had indirectly caused the robbery of her grandfather's shrine and the Shrine's supervisor committed suicide.

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Season 2

Episode 31: The Missing Melody
Richard, Rachel and Conan are meeting a lawyer named Samuel Taylor whose office is in a hotel. While there Conan picks up a phone call from Samuel's wife Catherine Taylor. During the phone call, a musical melody is heard from Catherine's end of the line. Samuel takes over the call, tells his wife he will call later and asks Conan and Rachel to leave so he may talk with Richard. Richard returns, telling Conan and Rachel he took Samuel's request to spy on Catherine and her affair. On the way home, they spot police cars in front of the Taylors'. Inside they learn that Catherine was found dead in the bathtub. Conan suspects Samuel to be the murderer but Richard confirms his alibi. Conan investigates the hotel and learns the hotel room beside Samuel's is reserved for guests and also learns the melody from a music box alarm clock is custom made for that hotel. At Catherine's funeral, a man named Steve Jacobus reveals he was Catherine's lover. The officers plan to arrest him until Conan tranquilizes Richard. Impersonating Richard's voice with his bow-tie, Conan reveals Samuel to be the killer. He reveals that after Samuel was done with Richard, he murdered his wife who was in the guest room beside him. Afterwards Samuel placed his wife in a bag and put her down a laundry chute to the bottom floor. He then went to the bottom floor, placed her body in the trunk and drove her home where he then placed her body in the bathtub. As evidence, Conan gives Meguire a tape of the alarm clock in Samuel's guest room to compare with the recorded phone call. The alarm clock in the guest room is revealed to have a missing note and matches with the musical melody in the phone call. Samuel confesses to the murder, and reveals Catherine was blackmailing him for money in order to keep his corrupt deeds as a lawyer hidden.

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