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Deivamagal Serial Cast Real Names

GenreSoap opera
Written byStory:
V. Thiruselvam
V. Thiruselvam
Baskar Sakthi
Directed byV. Thiruselvam
Creative directorSubramaniam Srinivasan
Deepa Venkat
V. Thiruselvam
Ajay Kapoor
Mohan Sharma
Sathya Priya
Poornima Indhrajith
Vanitha Krishna Chandran
Theme music composerD. Imman
Opening theme'Kolangal Kolangal Azhagana Kolangal'
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons7
No. of episodes1533
CinematographyPhillips S. Vijayakumar
EditorsSasi K. Basanth
G. V. Rajan
B. Chandru
S. Neilston
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 13–22 minutes
Production companyVikatan Televistas
Original networkSun TV
Original release24 November 2003 –
4 December 2009

Vce test software. People consider her reel-name, Gayathri, as her real-name and the term Anniyaare has become a household word now. Times of India caught up with Rekha V Kumar, who plays Gayathri in the serial. Appearance Count: 1422 episodes. Prakash Chidambaram is the male lead of the series and the husband of the female lead Sathyapriya. He is the son of Chidambaram and Janaki. Cast Krishna as Prakash Chidambaram Vani Bhojan as Sathyapriya Prakash Rekha Krishnappa as Gayathiri Kumar Siddharth Venkatesh as Suresh Devaraj Sapnam as Dharani Suresh Auditor Sridhar as Devaraj Sabitha Anand as Saroja Devaraj Subramani as Karthik Vennira Aadai Nirmala as Janaki Chidambaram Sankarabaranam Rajalakshmi as Sampoornam Sundaram SVS Kumar as Chidambaram Anbalaya Prabhakaran as.

Kolangal is an IndianTamil-language soap opera which aired on Sun TV. It is a Prime time serial that aired in weekdays. from 24 November 2003 to 4 December 2009 for 1,533 episodes.[1][2]

The show starred Devayani, Deepa Venkat, V. Thiruselvam, Ajay Kapoor, Poornima Indrajith, While Mohan Sharma, Sathya Priya, Abishek Shankar, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Nalini, Vanitha Krishnachandran, Kuyili, Bombay Gnanam, Dwarakish(Giri), Auditor Sridhar, Joker Thulasi, Bharathi, NeelimaRani, Devadharshini, Priyadarshini, Dhivyadharshini Supporting Roles & Co Stars.

Deivamagal Serial Actress Rekha Krishnappa 1. Jodha Akbar Serial cast 1. Thendral tv Serial Actress real names 1.


After 15 years hiatus, the show started reairing from 26 November 2018 on Vikatan Prime Time YouTube channel.

The show is produced by Vikatan Televistas and directed by V. Thiruselvam.[1] The title track was composed by D. Imman and sung by Harini.[citation needed] It was also aired in Tamil on Sri Lanka's Shakthi TV and United Kingdom's Tharisanam TV.


The story centres on Abi, a hard-working, ambitious woman with strong beliefs and her business rival and half brother, Aditya. Abhi with her mother, maternal uncle, two sisters and brother leads a healthy life though she tries to keep herself happy because she had a dark past. Her father had abandoned her family and married another woman, the mother of Aditya, and has settled as a business tycoon. Abhi initially gets married, but it turns out to be an abusive relationship. Eventually, Adhi's lures all Abhi's close family members and turns out that all her family members are against her. Abhi divorces her husband and starts lives again. She starts a new company but is given competition by her stepbrother Aditya Eshwaramoorthy who considered her as a sworn rival. Abhi escapes from his brother's tortures and puts an end to her injustice. At the last scene, Abhi with the help of her friend Tholkappian leads a peaceful and hermit life. Abhi starts to help the orphanage, thereby ending she couldn't help herself, but she wishes to be dear among orphans even though they are not known to them. She leads a victorious life through the help of 2 friends, Tholkappian (Thols) and Usha, Adhi's ex-wife.[3]


Deivamagal Serial Cast Real Names

Main cast[edit]

  • Devayani as Abinaya 'Abi' Eshwaramoorthy, Baskar's ex-wife, Karpagam and Eshwaramoorthy's daughter,Anandhi, Aarthi, Manohar's elder sister; Aadhi's stepsister and arch rival (1-1533)
  • Deepa Venkat as Usha Aadhithya (Abi and Tholkapian's friend and Aadhi's wife) (1-1533)
  • V. Thiruselvam as Tholkapian 'Thols' (Abi and Usha's friend and Ganga's former lover; Menaka's elder brother) (1-1533)
  • Ajay Kapoor as Aadhithya 'Aadhi' Eshwaramoorthy, Usha's husband (Abi, Anandhi, Aarthi and Manohar's step-brother) (206-1527)
  • Poornima Indrajith as Meenu (Menaka) and Chellamma, Menaka (Tholkapian's younger sister) and Chellamma (Tholkapian and Menaka's mother) Dual Role of Poornima Indrajith (1044-1529)

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Abhishek Shankar as Baskaran 'Baskar' (Abi's ex-husband) (Narayanan and Alamelu's son) (2-1530)
  • Sathya Priya as Karpagam Eshwaramoorthy, (Abi, Anandhi, Manohar and Aarthi's mother) (Eshwaramoorthy's first wife) (1-1533)
  • Nalini as Alamelu Narayanan (Narayanan's wife) (Seetha, Baskar and Vidhya's mother) (3-1530)
  • Subhalekha Sudhakar as Narayanan (Alamelu's husband) (Seetha, Baskar and Vidhya's father) (3-603)
  • Mohan Sharma as Eshwaramoorthy (Karpagam and Kanchana's husband), (Abi, Aadhi, Anandhi, Manohar, Anjali, Arjun and Aarthi's father) and (Anu's Adoptive father) (Thiruvenkadam's elder brother) (236-1533)
  • Bharathi as Kanchana Eshwaramoorthy (Eshwaramoorthy's second wife), (Aadhi, Anjali and Arjun's mother) and (Anu's adoptive mother and Daughter of Anu Kanchana's Brother) (237-1526)
  • Manjari Vinodhini/Supriya (Temporary) (829-919) and After a short break back to her character Manjari as Anandhi Karthik (Karthik's wife) (1-780 & 976-1505)
  • Sri Vidhya as Aarthi Rajesh (Rajesh's wife) (1-1533)
  • Sridharan Gopal as Manohar (Anu's husband) (1-1533)
  • Shyam as Rajesh (Aarthi's husband) (16-1533)
  • Vishwa as Karthikeyan 'Karthik' (Anandhi's husband) (Sujatha's younger brother) (29-1505)
  • Nisha Ajay (278-394)/Deepa Narendra as Anu Manohar (Aadhi, Anjali and Arjun's cousin), (Eshwaramoorthy and Kanchana's adoptive daughter), (Manohar's wife) (436-1533)
  • Shraddha (278-636)/Dhivadharshini (638-805)/Akila as Anjali Kishore (Kishore's wife), (Aadhi's younger sister) (834-1456)
  • Tinku (278-1377)/Franklin as Arjun (Rekha's Husband), (Aadhi's younger brother) (1396-1456)
  • Neelima Rani as Rekha Arjun (Arjun's wife) (473-1499)
  • Auditor Sridhar as Viswanathan (9-1533)
  • Joker Thulasi as Krishnan (1-1533)
  • Dwarakish Giri as Giri (Aadhi's personal assistant) (206-1525)
  • Bombay Gnanam as Padhmavathi (Kanchana's mother) (271-968)
  • Vanitha Krishnachandran (9-684)/Kuyili as Saradha Thiruvenkadam (Thiruvenkadam's wife), (Sathish and Sumathi's mother) (694-1381)
  • Ramachandran as Thiruvenkadam (Saradha's husband), (Sathish and Sumathi's father) (Eshwaramoorthy's younger brother) (9-1533)
  • Charles as Dr. Mahesh (Psychiatrist Doctor) (Sumathi's husband) (452-1533)
  • Revathi Priya as Sumathi Mahesh (Mahesh's wife) (Sathish's younger sister) (9-1533)
  • Kalpana Shree as Malayamma (Shanthi) (Abi, Usha and Thols well wisher, Thols friend Angusamy's wife) (15-988)
  • Unknown as Angusamy (Thols Friend) (Malayamma/Shanthi's husband) (125-1038)
  • Thozhar. Ila. Ve. Aadhavan as Thozhar Balakrishnan (402-1508)
  • T. S. Raghavendra as Church Father Rafael
  • K. R. Rangamma as Balakrishnan's mother
  • Sujatha Panju as Nangai
  • Bhuvana (42-104)/Devadarshini as Sujatha (Chandran's ex-wife) (Karthik's elder sister) (105-488)
  • Narmadha as Chithra (Sujatha and Karthik's younger sister)
  • Kalaivani (3-59)/Preethi Sanjeev (65-459)/Priyadharshini/Unknown as Vidhya Ramesh (Ramesh's wife) (Baskar's younger sister)
  • K. Prabhakar/Kamesh Kumar as Ramesh (Vidhya's husband)
  • Bobby Bedi (554-686)/G. V. Vijesh as Kishore (Anjali's Husband) (767-1294)
  • Sabitha Anand as Thailambal (Thirumalachary's wife) (558-828)
  • Rajasekhar as Thirumalachary (Thilambal's husband) (558-828)
  • Keerthana as Uma (Ganga and Vasuki's elder sister) (558-828)
  • Chandra Lakshman as Ganga (Uma's younger sister) (554-828)
  • Aarthika Shree as Vasuki (Uma and Ganga's younger sister) (558-828)
  • Ponvannan (8-115)/Unknown as Rajaram, (Seetha's husband) (205-302)
  • Viji Chandrasekhar as Seetha Rajaram (Rajaram's wife), (Baskar's elder sister) (4-243)
  • Srilekha Rajendran as Valli (1-1531)
  • Kutty Pooja (117-749)/Sujitha 'Suji' as Chandra Sathish (Sathish's wife)
  • Balaji (9-41)/Dev Anand as Sathish Thiruvenkadam
  • Lakshmi Prasanna as Mahesh's Mother
  • Vijaya Raj as Rajendran (Abi's Uncle and Karpagam cousin) (46-1531)
  • Shanmuga Sundari as Rajaram's mother (8-233)
  • Vijaya Sarathi as Bharathi (Anandhi's Friend) (348-1504)
  • Sheela/Geetha Ravishankar as Ambika Gopinath (Usha's Mother)
  • Devaraj as Gopinath (Ambika's husband) (Usha's Step-father)
  • Preethi Menon Dayana as Thamizhselvi (Angusamy and Shanthi's daughter)
  • A. Thamizh Kumaran (512-1070)/Rangadhurai (1343-1452)/Bharathi Kannan as Minister Sankara Pandiyan (Sangu Pandiyan) (Rekha's father) (1460-1470)
  • Thilla as Thillairajan (668-1038) & Thilla is Back (Robot) (1378-1525)
  • Rajkrishna as Raghavan
  • Gandhimathi as Narayanan's sister (446-459)
  • B. Lenin
  • K. Kannan as Sabapathi (Karna and Rajesh's Father)
  • Premi as Lakshmi (Karna and Rajesh's Mother) (20-1489)
  • Sneha Nambiar as Ranjani (Upendra's ex-wife) (After the divorce of Baskar and Abi, Baskar marrying Ranjani but, the day before marriage Ranjani's (ex-husband) Upendra killed her, after marriage stopped) (162-394)
  • Kavitha Solairaja as Sangeetha Baskaran (Baskar's second wife)
  • Vizhuthugal Santhanam as Gunasekharan (Sangeetha's father)
  • Yugendran as Sivadhas (Rani's husband) (286-946)
  • Oorvambu Lakshmi as Rani (Sivadhas wife) (357-485)
  • Suhasini as Geetha (249-251)
  • K. Natraj as Antony
  • Imman Annachi as Anwar
  • Narendra as Upendra (Ranjani's ex-husband) (385-765)
  • Nagalaksmi as Kala (58-1490) (Karunakaran's wife)

(Former her Character Name Lakshmi, After her name changed Kala)

  • Unknown as Karna (Kala's husband), (Rajesh's elder brother)
  • Revathi Shankar as Maragatham Viswanathan (Viswanathan's wife)
  • B. Ramachandran as Abi and Tholkappiyan's lawyer
  • Anuradha as Rajamani Kandhasamy (Ranjan's aunty) (513-1311)
  • Sam T. Wilson as Ranjan
  • Ravi as Ravi (Menaka's personal assistant)
  • Jayashree as Jennifer 'Jenni' (Menaka's personal assistant)
  • Surendran as Thamizh Selvan
  • Harish Uthaman as Madhubalakrishnan 'Madhu', a Musician (Menaka's lover)
  • Vinitha as Punitha (Karna and Kala's Daughter)

(Former her character name Gomathi, After her name changed Punitha)

  • Unknown/Deepa Shankar as Sundhari Rajesh (Rajesh second wife)

(Former her character name Suganthi, After her name changed Sundhari)

  • K. Thangamani Prabhu as Murali (84-178 & 1170-1477)
  • Shabnam as Vasundhara Murali (Murali's wife) (1170-1183)
  • Sumathi Shree as Manjula (735-758)
  • Unknown as Maddy (670-842)
  • Usha as Sarasu (Nair's wife) (19-122)
  • Kamalesh as Shankar (17&20)
  • Black Pandi as Kannan (21-98)
  • Pattukottai Sivanarayana Moorthy as Abi's former house owner
  • Birla Bose as Prabhu (Police Inspector) (128-661)
  • C. N. Ravi Shankar as Karthik's friend/Velu (1512-1516)
  • Raviraj as Business man (Ganga's part time business boss) (597)
  • Ennathe Kannaiah as Kannaiah (Photographer)
  • Nesan as Raghu (Bhaskar's friend (7-518)
  • Giridhar Thirumalachary as Psychiatrist Doctor (382)
  • Mohan Vaidya as Temple priest (Arundhathi's father) (391-395)
  • Kulothunga Cholan as Kulothunga Cholan (Detective)
  • Vanaja as Jaya Chithra (Kulothunga Cholan's assistant)
  • Sathish as Vivekanandhan (Kulothunga Cholan's assistant)
  • V. Nagarani as V. Nagarani (HOPE Special School Trustee)
  • Saroja as Kamatchi
  • Kovai Senthil as Chitrambalam
  • Lalitha as a land owner
  • B. Jayalakshmi as Arundhathi (391 & 392)
  • Rajadhurai as a police inspector
  • K. Veera as Engineer (329 & 423)
  • Mangalanathan as a temple priest
  • Ravi Varma as Sivasubramaniam
  • Kovai Krishnan as Varadharajan
  • T. V. V. Ramanujam as STV anchor
  • Vijayalakshmi as Varadharajan's wife
  • Sundar as a reporter
  • Bhavya Kala as Sandhya (Usha's younger Step-sister) (1401-1410)
  • S. Sekar as Vetri Maran
  • Manikandaraj Major as Manikandaraj
  • Usha Elizabeth as Doctor (559 & 560)
  • P. S. Vijaya Kumar as Sivadhas former henchman
  • Muthuraman as Guruvaran, a Builders Association Committee Member
  • Jayakumar as Maari's friend
  • Anandhi Robin as a doctor
  • Venkatakrishnan as a doctor
  • Bobby Bilal as Prithvi
  • Sivaramman as a fake income tax officer/a Builders Association Committee Member
  • Guhan Shanmugam as Sathish's friend
  • Unknown as Aravindh (Aarthi's Misbehaviour)
  • Selvanathan R. as a chief doctor
  • N. P. Jothi as Vanaraja
  • Yuvraj as Pazhani
  • Sampath Ram as a police inspector
  • Iyyappan Kobee as a land registrar
  • Vishwanath as Joseph
  • Mathivanan as a judge
  • Y. P. Gajendran as a judge
  • Jagadeesan as a police commissioner
  • Baskar Sakthi as Dr. Vaali
  • Bharathi Mohan as a police inspector
  • Soodhu Kavvum Sivakumar as Sivakumar
  • Poovannan
  • Aaramudhan


Serial Casting

Title song[edit]


It was written by lyricist Palani Bharathi, composed by the music director D. Imman. It was sung by Harini.

Track listing
1.'Kolangal Kolangal Azhagana Kolangal
கோலங்கள் கோலங்கள் அழகான கோலங்கள்'
Palani BharathiD. ImmanHarini4:00
2.'Poovil Oru Idhalaga Piranthirunthal
பூவில் ஒரு இதழாக பிறந்திருந்தால்'
Palani BharathiKiran
3.'Kanbathenna Kanavo Kanimazhalai Ninaivo
காண்பதென்ன கனவோ கனிமழலை நினைவோ'
Palani BharathiKiran
4.'Kalyana Karunyaam Nithya
கல்யாண காருண்யாம் நித்யா'
Palani BharathiKiran
5.'Vazhi Meethu Vizhi Vaithu Kaathirukindren
வழி மீது விழி வைத்து காத்திருக்கின்றேன்'
Palani BharathiKiran
6.'Kanavil Karuvai Sumakindrom
கனவில் கருவை சுமக்கின்றோம்'
Palani BharathiKiran
7.'Vanam Pole Valimaikkonda
வானம் போலே வலிமைக்கொண்ட'
Palani BharathiKiran4:14
8.'Singara Thamizhe
சிங்கார தமிழே'
Palani BharathiKiran2:29
9.'Achchamillai Achchamillai
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை'
Mahakavi Subramania BharatiKiran
10.'Nallothor Veenai Seithe
நல்லதோர் வீணை செய்தே'
Mahakavi Subramania BharatiKiran
11.'Manathil Uruthi Vendum
மனதில் உறுதி வேண்டும்'
Mahakavi Subramania BharatiKiran
12.'Pirar Vada Pala Seyalgal Seiythu
பிறர் வாட பல செயல்கள் செய்து'
Mahakavi Subramania BharatiKiran

Awards and nominations[edit]

2004Pace AwardsPace Awards Best Television ActressDevayaniAbinayaWon
2008Frontrunner – Vivel Chinna Thirai AwardsBest ActressDevayaniAbinayaWon
2010Sun Kudumbam AwardsBest Supporting Actor AwardV. ThiruselvamTholkappianWon
Best Male Villain AwardAjay KapoorAadhithyaWon
Best Screenplay Writer AwardV. ThiruselvamWon
Best Supporting Actress AwardPoornima IndrajithMenaka/ChellammaWon
Best Director AwardV. ThiruselvamWon
Best Actress AwardDevayaniAbinayaNominated
Best MotherSathya PriyaKarpagamNominated
Best FatherMohan SharmaEshwaramoorthyNominated


Deivamagal Serial Cast Real Names George

The series has been remade in Kannada language as Rangoli broadcast on Udaya TV and in Hindi language as Maayke Se Bandhi Dor broadcast on STAR Plus and as Alpona on Mohua Bangla.[2][4]


Kolangal was one of the highest-rated Indian and Tamil soap opera which garnered ratings ranging between 23 and 26 TVR.[5] Between 20 December 2004 to 13 January 2005 it had a rating of 25.68 TVR.[6] On September 2007, it maintained its top position with 21.58 TVR.[7]

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