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Cushman Three Wheel Golf Cart

Golf Cart 2016 Cushman Minute Miser 3 wheel electric ride-on utility cart. 24 volt battery system with a built-in charger. Has no-flat type tires foam fille.

Located in Carroll County GA, 1 hour West of Atlanta
Cushman Truckster- $2800
90’s model 3 wheel, 2528 hours
22 HP OMC, 3 speed w/ reverse
2 speed transfer case, hydraulic dump bed, manual PTO shaft
I picked up this Truckster about 4 years ago to work around the house. It needed attention so i did the following.
Changed oil and filter
Replaced air filter
Replaced spark plugs and wires
Replaced ballast resistor and coil packs
Replaced points and condenser set
Removed, cleaned, and rebuilt carburetor
Replaced electric fuel pump and lines
Removed, cleaned, and rebuilt transmission
Replaced clutch disk, pressure plate, TO and pilot bearings
Adjusted clutch linkage
Removed, cleaned, and rebuilt transfer case with new bearings and seals
Removed, cleaned, lubed, and reinstalled drive shaft and pto shaft
Replaced fluid in transmission, transfer case, and axle
Replaced bearings and seals in rear axle
Removed, cleaned, and rebuilt front axle with bearings and seals
Lubed all grease points
Removed rear leaf springs, replaced eye bushings, lubed and reinstalled with new hardware
Added rear taillight
Cleaned up wiring in engine bay
Replaced all 3 wheels and tires
Replaced bed with original, installed tailgate
Replaced fuel tank cap
Adjusted steering back lash
Replaced master cylinder
Replaced wheel cylinders
Adjusted heel pin and brake shoes
Cleaned drums
Replaced all brake lines and fittings
Replaced brake return spring
Replaced hydraulic lift cylinder
Refilled reservoir
Known issues:
(1) tailgate chain missing large hook
Fuel tank has leak at over 3/4 full
I’m selling because we don’t use it enough to keep it around
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  1. OMC changed the focus of the Cushman division from 2 wheels to three and four-wheel vehicles, namely golf carts, and utility vehicles. Trucksters and Other Utility Vehicles Cushman Trucksters were produced from 1952 (Model designations began in 1953 with the models 782 and 731) until 2002.
  2. For years, Cushmans were mainly three-wheel golf carts, but they eventually expanded to four wheels. Many of the vintage carts that are around or restored are three wheels with a body kit that covers the front wheel. The Cushman logo is generally found on the carts. Today, Cushman provides a variety of golf cart options bearing the Cushman logo.
  3. For Cushman history, wiring diagrams, serial number guide and engine & tune-up specs go to our Golf Cart Reference Library.For a complete selection of our extensive parts inventory click on the various categories above.

Old Cushman 3 Wheel Golf Cart

SUN CITY CENTER/SOUTHSHORE, FL – This classic 1968 Cushman Golfster Series three-wheel golf cart was one of the last years it was produced, around the same time Cushman started making four-wheeled golf carts. How to jailbreak 9.3.5 without computer.

The owner of this cart stated that everything is original, including the paint, and that is was kept in a utility garage for years.

Cushman created their first three wheel Golfster Series golf cart back in 1954 and hints of this era can still be seen today in the 2016 Cushman Tuger model.


Cushman 3 Wheel Golf Cart

Cushman is now owned by Textron and specializes in producing commercial and utility vehicles.