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Citrix Receiver Cleanup Utility For Windows 10

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Manual Workaround

The following procedure is intended for environments where the ICA Client was not deployed using Active Directory (AD), Systems Management Server (SMS), or other third-party application that could otherwise be used to automate the removal of the client. It is presumed that the following procedure is implemented using a script that can be invoked through a logon script prior to deploying the latest client (for example, through a batch file or Visual Basic Script).

The process for uninstalling the currently installed Citrix ICA client depends on the installation file type used to install the client.


InstallShield must be used to remove the client if an EXE file was used for installation – this was typical for Citrix ICA Client versions 6.x through 8.x.

  • The InstallShield command to remove a client installed using an EXE file is:
    isuninst –f C:PROGRA~1CitrixICACLI~1Uninst.isu –c C:PROGRA~1CitrixICACLI~1uninstpn.dll –a.

  • The -a switch at the end of the ISUNINST command line indicates a silent removal.

  • The command to remove the web client InstallShield package is:
    %SystemRoot%system32ctxsetup.exe /uninst C:PROGRA~1Citrixicaweb32uninst.infXenoblade the complete guide pdf.

In later versions, the client starting in version 9.x were installed using a Microsoft Installer (MSI) package, and therefore the MSI file could be used to remove the client.
  • The Windows Installer command to remove a client installed with an MSI file is:
    msiexec.exe /x GUID REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!

  • msiexec.exe /x {7A1FB67F-A340-472A-97C3-A6AFFE078AAE} REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!

  • Refer to the Microsoft KB for further information on Windows Installer command-line options.

Citrix Receiver Cleanup Utility Tool

Citrix receiver cleanup utility for windows A list of Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) for public releases of the Citrix ICA Client for Windows can be found in the following articles:
  • CTX112613 - Public XenApp Client/Plug-in/Receiver Build Quick Reference List
  • CTX115717 - Replacement Information for Citrix Presentation Server Client Private Releases Later Than Version 10.200

  • CTX325140 - How to Remove Client Files Remaining on System after Uninstalling Receiver for Windows
Cleanup It is recommended to confirm the exact GUID for the installed version, particularly if using a private release of the client provided by Citrix Technical Support. The GUID can be found in the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall.

Citrix Receiver Clean Utility

When the Uninstall key is selected, press Ctrl+F and search for the term Citrix. The sub-key containing the Citrix ICA client entry appears as opened (left pane) and is labeled with the GUID.

Note: For x64 systems, check the same path in the Wow6432Node key.
The following table provides the version, build, GUID, and release dates for public releases of the Citrix ICA Client:

Note: Adding the Client Version column to the Access Management Console while viewing session information is useful in determining the versions of the Citrix ICA Client currently in use in your environment.

Version, Build, GUID and Release Dates for Citrix ICA Client

VersionBuildGUIDRelease Date
6.301050{DAA13EB6-C53F-4038-9880-C310500B49E9}Sep 2002
6.311051{3049E69E-74F2-48C0-B9A1-9CD8125588E9}Oct 2002
7.0017534{956F3E9A-3AED-40F8-8522-5F6A524CFC3E}Jun 2003
7.0120497Confirm in registryJun 2003
7.1021825{8F5F8B07-50AC-401F-A441-A37740851A5C}Oct 2003
8.0024737{2C42ED1E-6315-4E63-89E6-057EA114EBB8}Apr 2004
8.1029670{76E4A642-BC3E-438A-8450-0C15A36B5B18}Oct 2004
9.0032649{4E21223F-8D6C-446E-9CD3-587D206A8400}Apr 2005
9.1036280{E92B7A19-5FD5-4AEE-9FEF-7AD5DD3A675E}Oct 2005
9.1539151{DF1D5FEC-D67C-43C8-9230-41F5DF350196}Dec 2005
9.2044376{D989BCC0-757C-4FB6-893C-512DF4382656}May 2006
9.2350211{7A1FB67F-A340-472A-97C3-A6AFFE078AAE}Nov 2006
10.00052110{B2AE44CB-2AAB-4C08-A54B-D264BD604DA8}Mar 2007
10.10055836{E89956F9-5B89-470E-818D-BD46102D0A01}Jun 2007
10.15058643{42ACCB45-3363-47E0-94E9-F0074CC8BC56}Nov 2007
10.20002650{2624B680-02BC-4CBC-839C-DA20DF6EF6EC}Mar 2008
11.000*5323{331741EC-DD63-4DA8-957E-D0C70412EF54}Jun 2008
11.0005357{388C130B-0079-46B4-A0D5-DC2DD7A89A7B}Sep 2008

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