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Autocom Download

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In each new release, systems and features are updated for better coverage on both new and old vehicles. In order to perform the best vehicle diagnosis, it is important to update both hardware and software with the latest release.

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  1. Insert the security dongle before the downloading of the installation package starts.
  2. Use the button below to download the installation package.


  1. Insert the security dongle.
  2. Download the Licence Activation Tool ”LAT.exe”.
  3. Check the expiry date of your licence.
  4. Download the release that is appropriate to your licence (the one you have paid for).

Autocom Download Keygen


Download the zip file to your computer and run Start.exe. Click here to access your hardware key.


• Intel® Core i5 or better
• Windows® 10 or Windows® 8 (updated)
• 4 GB RAM (depending on the OS)
• 16 GB free space on the hard drive
• Screen resolution of 1440 x 900 or higher
• Connection to the Internet
• Bluetooth (SPP)
• USB port
• Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher
• Recommendation to turn off sleepmode
• S-mode on Windows 10S must be switched off
• Windows 10 must have .NET Framework 3.5 and 2.0 activated

The vehicle database is increased on 23 different brands, models, year models, systems. Mainly on year models between 2009 and 2020. There are also some updated features.

Autocom Download 2017

Here are some of the highlights:

Autocom Download 2016

– Hybrid/EV-Systems for several models
– Engine systems for X5 2019 -> and X1 2016 ->

C1 – Automatic gearbox with service mode and learning functions
Ducato – Year model update
Transit/Tourneo Custom – Functionality update
AdBlue functions for several models
Kona EV 2018-> – New model with full coverage
Picanto 2018-> – New models with full coverage
e-Niro 2019-> – New model with full coverage
MRG1 Petrol engine – Full functionality
EQC and eSprinter – Updated with RTD, e.g battery cell status
Updated hybrid systems for several models with RTD, e.g battery cell status
Eclipse Cross 2018-> – New models with full coverage
Outlander 2020 – Year model update with new systems
ASX 2018 -> – Camera calibration
L200 2020 – Camera calibration
Outlander 2017-> – Camera calibration
Eclipse Cross 2018-> – Camera calibration
New AdBlue system on various models
108 – Automatic gearbox with service mode and learning functions
208 – New model
Zoe and New Zoe – Electronic systems
Octavia IV – New model with SLR (Service Light Reset)
Kamiq and Scala – New model with full coverage
Leon – New model with SLR (Service Light Reset)
Model 453 – Updated with DTC for several new systems and year model update
Suzuki Swift – Updated with SLR
Aygo 2005-2010 – Automatic gearbox with service mode and learning functions
– Engine system supplemented with more functionality for diesel engines on various models

Big update of several new engines with full functionality – Year model update for several models
– Implemented a check for DoIP compatibility
– SODL and SODR (Side Obstacle Detection Left/Right) calibration
– Support for air suspension systems DoIP-vehicles including functions

Golf VIII – New model with SLR (Service Light Reset)