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Api 660 Latest Edition

Many questions addressed to MGT Inc. ask for comparisons of API 660 with the TEMA Standards.

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EXCLUDED FROM THE SCOPE OF API 660.The scope of API 660 excludes vacuum-operated steam surface condensers and feedwater heaters.
STANDARDS NOT IN CONFLICT.Readers should be aware that these two standards are not in conflict with each other. Indeed, Paragraph 4.2 of API 660 requires construction to conform to TEMA Class R, unless the purchasers specifies another TEMA class.
CONSTRUCTION CODE REQUIREMENTS. Because API 660 is an international standard, it deviates from the TEMA requirement for construction to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME Code), providing instead in its Paragraph 4.1 that the pressure design code shall be specified or agreed by the purchaser.

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650 With respect to tube-to-tubesheet joining, Paragraph 7.6.7 has three classifications of joints:
Strength-Welded Only
Strength-Welded and Expanded
Seal-Welded and Expanded
PARTIAL STRENGTH WELDS NOT COVERED. Users should note that API 660 does not cover Partial-Strength Welded joints as defined in Paragraph UW-20 of Section VIII Division 1 of the ASME Code.
EXPANDED TUBE-TO-TUBESHEET JOINTS. Paragrah 9.10 Tube-to-tubesheet joints subparagraph 9.10.1 of API 660 states, 'If roller expanded joits are utilized, the tube wall thicknes reduction shall be in accordance with Table 4.' Table 4 provides maximum allowable wall thickness reductions of 8% for carbon steel and low alloy (9% chromium) and non-work hardening non-ferrous tubing such as admiralty brass, 6% for stainless and high-alloy and 5% for titanium and work-hardening non ferrous materials. The table allows a further increase of 2% when agreed by the purchaser.
EXPLOSIVE EXPANDING, HYDROEXPANDING, HYBRID EXPANDING. API 660 does not discuss Explosive Expanding, Hydroexpanding or Hybrid Expanding but does not specifically exclude these processes. For such processes we have found that the maximum wall reductions listed in API Table 4 apply as well.
ANNULAR GROOVES.Api 660 latest edition windows 10 API 660 does not address annular groove widths and depths, requiring annular grooves only to be square-edged, concentric and free from burrs.

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API Paragraph 10.3 Pressure testing covers pressure testing. Unlike TEMA Paragraph 1.31 STANDARD HYDROSTATIC TEST, API 10.3 does not specify a hold time for the hydrostatic test. It refers the reader to the pressure design code for the temperature of the hydrostatic test. API Paragraph 10.3.8 limits supplementary pneumatic test pressure to 170 kPa (15 Psi).