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Aircraft Hydraulic Test Stand

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  2. Aircraft Hydraulic Test Stand
  3. Aircraft Hydraulic Test Stand
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Test the aircraft hydraulic system for evidence of component malfunction or failure and for leakage of hydraulic fluid. Fills the test stand and aircraft hydraulic systems by means of a fill pump and motor. Provides a source of hydraulic power for static proof-pressure testing of aircraft hydraulic system and components up to 15 gpm at 5000 psi. Machine Type: Aircraft Hydraulic Component Test Stand Manufacturer: Avtron Model: H250 Medium: phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, e.g. Chevron HyJet 4-A Plus, BMS 311, NSA307.110 Year of Manufacture: 1999 Flow rate: up to 50 GPM @ 3000 PSI, or 30 GPM @ 5000 PSI Pump Test stand: driven by a 150 HP Motor Servo Valve Test function: available.

Aircraft hydraulic systems have operated at 3000 psi for many years. The hydraulic power within the aircraft however has consistently increased for each generation of aircraft. Higher pressure hydraulics has been studied based upon the smaller volume and lighter weight of the higher pressure hydraulics.
The Model A/F27T-10 Hydraulic Component Test Stand is designed to provide the capability to test high pressure aircraft hydraulic components up to and including 8000 psi. The Test Stand is capable of automatic or fully independent manual operation and is designed for use in intermediate level activities in land based, ship board, or mobile van facilities.
Citation: Herlihy, J., Clark, G., and Mardosa, P., 'High Pressure Aircraft Hydraulic Test Stand,' SAE Technical Paper 965605, 1996,
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Hydraulic Pump Test Stand

Author(s): John Herlihy, Gerald Clark, Peter Mardosa
Pages: 5
ISSN: 0148-7191
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Aircraft Hydraulic Test Stand

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