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Aclara Kv2c Manual

The kV2c wide range voltage power supply (120V to 480V) combined with the Aclara Fitzall™ feature enables a significant meter inventory reduction while covering all applications. Fitzall is an Aclara exclusive tool for commercial and industrial electronic meter inventory reduction, which allows two meter forms, 9S for transformer rated. Complete GE Manual for kV2c Socket Page 9/29. Where To Download Ge Kv2c Meter Meter This manual includes complete information to install, configure, and maintain the kV2c socket meter from GE. This manual includes basic wiring. KV2c Electric Smart Meter – Aclara.

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The Aclara kV2c meter family is one of the most widely accepted ANSI® commercial and industrial meters with over 2 million units deployed in the field since its introduction. The robust revenue-grade meter design is based on Aclara’s cutting edge technology that provides high accuracy and reliability. This fifth generation possesses eight times the processing power and three times the memory of previous models. This allows for future upgrades and new applications without having to replace the meter.

Kv2c 36s meter manual
  • Reliable and accurate cash register for utilities AMR/AMI Plug and Play to accommodate: RF, power line carrier, cellular
  • Revenue assurance using diagnostic and event tools
  • Low maintenance and high accuracy over the life of the meter
  • Strong overvoltage capabilities – Twice the operating voltage to absorb the system events of the grid
  • Adaptive and versatile meter with bidirectional and four quadrant measurements
  • Smart metering functions such as Time of Use, demand metering, and reactive measurement
  • Advanced power quality monitoring
  • Robust meter security and standards compliance
  • Polyphase Remote Disconnect is available for unique utility applications

Aclara Electric Meter Manual

E-meter-C&I-1019-kV2c Aclara kV2c TM Electric Smart Meter Commercial and Industrial Aclara metering products have over 100 years’ heritage of providing reliable and robust metering solutions to utility companies and their customers. That tradition of excellence continues with the fifth generation of kV2c. 5 Accumulators. 10 Coincident. The Aclara kV2c goes beyond revenue metering by offering real-time instrumentation, true power quality and real cost of service measurements. And, with over two million meters deployed since introduction, it’s a proven workhorse meter purpose-built for the challenges of commercial & industrial customers. Ge Kv2c Meter Manual Istbh Online Library Ge Kv2c Meter Manual Istbh Ge Kv2c Meter Manual Istbh Yeah, reviewing a book ge kv2c meter manual istbh could grow your close contacts listings. This is just one of the solutions for you to be successful. As understood, exploit does not suggest that you have astonishing points.

Aclara Kv2c Manual

Highly Accurate Measurement

Measured at +/- 0.2 percent, the Aclara kV2 family of meters provides outstanding accuracy. Combined with the low starting watts, utilities can have confidence in the metered value and measured electricity usage. With Aclara’s highly accelerated life testing we are replicating the normal wear and tear that would normally be experienced over the usable lifetime of the product in a shorter amount of time.

Billing and Smart Applications

Traditional billing continues to be a vital role for today’s solid-state meters, but they are also now a critical part of your grid operation. Leveraged strengths and knowledge in distribution automation, volt-var control demand optimization, and distributed generation the Aclara kV2c line of meters provide the integration and critical information to optimize grid operation solutions.


The kV2c meter family is a versatile metering platform for commercial and industrial applications. The kV2c meter offers easy and powerful functional upgrades with a unique combination of soft switches and option boards for rapidly evolving smart metering space. The kV2c starts as a bi-directional, coincident demand meter with five demand measures, real-time pricing, and real-time data monitoring.

Soft switches are available to add such functions as TOU, transformer and line loss compensation, power factor, four quadrant measurements, instrument transformer correction, and increased recording channels.

Aclara Kv2c Meter Manual

Power Quality

Aclara kV2c meters offer advanced power quality tools to measure compliance to power quality agreements or gather data to set power quality requirements. These tools include:

  • Programmable sag and swell monitor that logs voltage sag and swell duration down to one cycle, minimum or maximum voltage, coincident current, and date and time of occurrence.
  • Voltage and current THD per phase, Total Demand Distortion (TDD), distortion power factor, and displacement power factor, and distortion kVA (all recordable).
  • Harmonic analysis plots odd and even harmonic magnitudes and phase angles.
  • Programmable diagnostics for voltage imbalance, distortion, current imbalance, reversed polarity, high neutral current. These events may be logged, set an alert.

Inventory Management

The kV2c wide range voltage power supply (120V to 480V) combined with the Aclara Fitzall®feature enables a significant meter inventory reduction while covering all applications. Fitzall is an Aclara exclusive tool for commercial and industrial electronic meter inventory reduction, which allows two-meter forms, 9S for transformer rated and 16S for self-contained to meter any service type.

Installation Verification and Tamper Detection

The Aclara Site GenieTM Monitor provides a simple, automatic way to catch errors, tampering and wiring changes before billing problems occur. Site Genie also provides the phasor information and diagnostics needed to fix the problems it finds.

Cost of Service Measurements

Knowing what it costs to serve a site is key competitive information for both generation and distribution utilities. The kV2c family of meters simultaneously measures all of the components of service cost (real and reactive – with and without harmonics, distortion, and vector apparent power).


The kV2c offers a wide range of AMI communication technologies including RF Mesh, RF Point-to-multipoint, Cellular, and Power Line Carrier to support your Smart Grid applications. Additionally, the kV2c provides “KYZ” and other I/O options to support local energy management solutions typically found in commercial and industrial facilities. The kV2c has a standard AMI interface that allows the capability to transmit all metering data available at the meter through the AMI communications network.

GE makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to Figure Conceptual Diagram of Four Function Meter. Site Genie technology provides a simple, automatic way to identify wiring errors and/ or.

Wiring Diagrams hialeahmeter. Not all installations are created equal. Search through our list of wiring diagrams to find the right one for your job.

This manual includes complete information to install, configure, and maintain the kV2c socket meter from GE. This manual includes basic wiring diagrams for use.

Socket wiring error a. Rewire according to demand or unmetered load applicable diagram. CA Meter unprogrammed Program the meter registration b.

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Kv2c 36s Meter Manual

Jan 09, · Hello, I was recently given a GE KV2c Multifunction meter and was wanting to know if / how you could wire it up for volt service. It is a form 45s, and I know these are designed for use with current transformers on 3 wire service, but I also understand these meters are quite adaptable in regards to configurations. Aclara KV2CE (Energy Only) Utility Grade Meter Replaces Legacy CAT# X Reads kWh only Amps Service Voltages /Y or / or / Socket required.

7 Terminal Amp View socket for this meter (4-MF-D7TSHO) View the wiring diagram for this meter. Ge electric meter wiring diagram also electrical wiring diagrams for contactors also ge kv2c multifunction meter wiring diagram further electric range wiring to breaker box as well as sears wiring diagram furthermore water meter wiring diagram for abb furthermore how to read a wiring diagram pdf also ge circuit breaker 25 wb20k ap in addition photocell diagram wiring along with.

Aclara Kv2c Pocket Guide

Ge appliance wiring diagrams as well as ge kv2c multifunction meter wiring diagram moreover appliance furthermore kenmore refrigerator wiring schematic in addition kitchenaid ice maker parts diagram in addition index as well as appliance along with general electric stove wiring diagram further samsung washing machine parts breakdown further whirlpool oven wiring diagram also washer wiring.Ge Kv2c Wiring Diagram : 22 Wiring Diagram Images - Wiring Diagrams schematron.orgGE, WATTHOUR METER (KWH) , 3 PHASE, FM9S, TYPE KV2C, NEW eBay