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6 8 Beat Pack

Below is the puzzle solution to
Flow Free set 9 x 9 level 8.

'The 6ix' Producer Pack: 100% All New, Exclusive Samples.All the sounds in this kit are brand new, not to be confused with our 6 God Producer Bundle, the sounds in this pack are completely different! If you want the perfect Toronto style drums, then this is a MUST HAVE product for your production arsenal. You need this sample pack in your life! 80 votes, 14 comments. 209k members in the Drumkits community. SN HMS drum kit with more than 150 808s, 100 hi hats, 100 kicks, 100 snares! Great for beginners and experienced producers!

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Regular Pack

9 x 9

Above is the puzzle solution to
Flow Free Regular Pack set 9 x 9 level 8.

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6 8 Time Beats


One of the easiest ways to differentiate the two is by counting.

For the 3/4 time signature, we can keep track of the cycle by repeating:

The “2” and “3″ represent the weaker beats (or commonly, upbeats) whereas the “and”s allow us to subdivide the rhythm to better illustrate how weare dividing the circle. In this case, we are splitting the cycle into threegroups of two.

Similarly, we can also break up the 6/8 rhythm into groups. When you hoverover the bottom rhythm, our repeating phrase will be:

This rhythm lets us split the circle into two groups of three which elongates the phrasing a bit.This simple variance in partitioning the circle gave us an entirely differentrhythm and feel. Neat, right?

Note that for 6/8, it is also common to count numerically from 1 to 6 (see alternative counting). For this type of counting, an emphasis on the first and fourth beat signifies a 6/8 time signature, whereas a strong emphasis on the first and weaker emphasis on the third and fifth beats signal 3/4.