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5.1 Tamil Audio Songs Download

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News letters - tamilhdaudio releases - Dolby Digital - ac3 (5.1) - 448 Kbps - 48000Hz - 16 bit - Digital Theater Sound - dts(5.1) - 768 Kip - 48KHz - 16 bit - Surround Sound - Movies - Music DVD. Tamil Christian songs MP3 is the only Top rated apps to listen to Tamil Christian Songs. You can select the songs by Album name. Download 5cm full movie 2012 end of the world. You have feature to add the favorites and listen to the songs later.

TamilDTS (Dedicated to Sound) is a digital sound coding standard created by Universal Pictures. Compared with the Dolby Digital standard, DTS uses four times less compression and digitizes sound at 20 bits instead of 16. Therefore, DTS's sound quality is theoretically higher, at the cost of a higher bit rate. To be able to play DTS-encoded media, you need a certified DTS decoder.

Types of DTS

DTS falls into four different categories. The first is DTS 6, the most commonly used 5.1 standard, which can encode six-channel sound with less compression than the Dolby Digital standard. The first five channels are used for the satellite speakers, while the last is reserved for the subwoofer. These devices are normally identified by the presence of this logo:
The second is DTS ES (Digital Theater Sound Extended Surround), a 6.1 standard that uses an additional rear channel (rear central). DTS ES uses less compression than Dolby Digital EX:
DTS ES standard has two variants: DTS ES MatrixSongs tamil download free, which has a seventh channel interpolated with the primary channels called 'virtualization'. and DTS ES Discrete, which has an seventh independent channel.
The third category is DTS 24/96, which represents an audio format used for storing high-definition music with several channels. This format is primarily used in DVD Audio or audio tracks that accompany video DVDs. The name comes from the fact that the tracks are recorded in 24 bits at 96 kHz. It may be in either stereo or 5.1:
The final category is DTS Neo:6, a format for upmixing (or virtualizing) from a stereo sound source:
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Tamil 5.1 Audio Mp3 Songs Download

DTS stands for Digital Theater Systems. While Dolby Digitalis the standard 5.1 digital surround format on all DVD players, DTS is becominga possible alternative. DTS, first introduced in the movie JurassicPark,is now found on many film soundtracks. DTS soundtracks have been available onlaserdiscs for the past couple of years, but we're only starting to see DVDtitles with a DTS soundtrack. There are only about a dozen DVD movies with DTSnow, but you can expect this number to grow. And there are quite a few CDtitles that are DTS-encoded, from Mozart to Marvin Gaye. Buying a DVD playerthat's DTS-compatible shouldn't cost all that much more and could mean highersound quality down the road. 'DTS compatible' means that the DVD Player willpass a DTS 5.1 surround sound (audio) signal to a DTS decoder for properplayback of DVDs encoded with a DTS soundtrack.

Tamil Songs Audio Mp3

5.1 tamil audio songs downloaderDTSAudio CDor5.1 Music Discis an audioCompact Discthat contains music surroundsoundconfigurations.The specification permits discrete channel configurations - 2.0 (L, R) to 6.1 (L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs,Cs), although 5.1 (L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs. Physically, a DTS Audio CD conforms totheRed Bookstandard;however a DTS bitstream, is actually encapsulated in each PCM audio track. Thisconfiguration permits any non-DTS enabled player to output multi-channel audiowhen connected to an external DTS-compliant processor (e.g. a typical AVreceiver) via a digital interface like S/PDIF or HDMI, provided that the playerdoes not modify the bitstream internally.
Although the DTS audio track is read at the same fixedbitrate as 16-bit linear PCM (1,411 kbit/s) only 14 bits(1,234 kbit/s) are used for the encoded data stream; the remaining twobits are always zeros. This has the effect of attenuating the noise that wouldresult (by roughly 12 dB) should one attempt to play a DTS Music Disc witha non-DTS system, and thereby reducing the chance of speaker damage. Howeverthis is a non-issue for players with internal DTS decoders, such as someDVD-Audio and Blu-ray players; these devices will output a properly decodedaudio signal through their analogue ports.
Although all compliant DTS decoders support surroundconfigurations of up to 5.1 channels, a DTS ES decoder must be used to fullydecode discs with 6.0 or 6.1 channels of audio. DTS ES comes in twoflavors: DTS ES Matrix and DTS ES Discrete. Depending on the disc and decoderused the Cs (center surround) channel will either be derived from the Ls and Rsof a conventional 5.1 track via matrix decoding, or exist as a fully discretedigital extension to a 5.0 or 5.1 core. In either case, backward compatibilityis maintained with non-ES decoders.

Tamil 5.1 Surround Audio Songs Download

SPDIF (Sony/Phillips DigitalInterconnect Format) - digital audio interface. SPDIF was first used only totransmit stereo 16-bit PCM data (CD player was the only source of digitalaudio). It is very straightforward: audio samples are transmitted at constantfrequency, one-by-one (and bit-by-bit) in 32-bit blocks where 8 bits are usedfor synchronization and some side info and 24 bits are used for sample. In mostcases, only 16-bit transmission is supported (CD carries only 16-bit sound) andlow 8 bits of a sample are always zeroed. This interface is very simple andcheap and so it became widespread.
Therefore, when multi-channel soundera came to home theaters, SPDIF was an ideal candidate for digital interfaceto transmit multi-channel sound. However, it is a problem: current interfaceimplementations work only with stereo sound, but now it is required to transmitup to 6 channels (or 8 channels at present). It was decided not to change theinterface but to transmit compressed multi-channel sound instead of PCM data(for digital interface it does not matter what to transmit). So receiver mustrecognize compressed data and decode it. For this purpose a new standard wasintroduced (IEC 61937) that describes how compressed data must be transmittedand how receivers can distinguish PCM and compressed data.
PCM data transmission mode and
Unless noted we well use SPDIFtransmission, SPDIF output mode and SPDIF stream terms only for encoded streamsafterwards.
Compressed data may be transmittedover SPDIF instead of PCM data. Therefore, we can prepare a CD disk and placecompressed AC3 or DTS data instead of usual PCM tracks. When we playback thisdisk with a CD player connected to a receiver we will get true multi-channelsound!
But this trick does not work with analog connection andportable CD players: we will get terribly loud noise instead of nice music.Because of this CD disks with AC3/DTS tracks are relatively rare.When a mediaplayer tries to playback a multi-channel disk it does not know that it containscompressed data. It's just because it is no simple method to distinguish usualand multi-channel disks. We have to read some data from the disk and have somemethod to know what kind of data we got. Hardware receivers have a specialdetection circuit, but software media players (most of it) have no. That's thepoint why media player cannot playback such discs right even when some AC3 orDTS decoder is installed.
DTS CDsare encoded in 5.1 surround sound using the DTS compression algorithm. As such,the fidelity is of lower quality than the sound quality offered by CDs,DVD-Audio discs, and SACDs. DTS CDs are not encoded in stereo. We can play DTSCDs in three ways:

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- On a CD playerconnected to a 5.1-channel receiver or pre/pro with a DTS decoder via an optical or coaxial digital cable.
- On a DVD-Video player with the 'DTS Digital Out' logo on the frontpanel (meaning any player available today) to a 5.1-channel receiver or pre/prowith a DTS decoder via an optical or coaxial digital cable.
- On a DVD-Videoplayer with a built-in DTS decoder connected to a 5.1-channel receiver orpre/pro via the 5.1-channel outputs (i.e., six RCA cables).